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Ideology Semiotic Code and Narrative Analysis (Term Paper Sample)


Ideology Semiotic Code and Narrative Analysis of a movie "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"


Ideology Semiotic Code and Narrative Analysis
Ideology Semiotic Code and Narrative Analysis
The underlying textual analysis of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is mainly dependent on the corresponding episode within the Season 1, Episode 6 known as "Mistaken Identity", which was directed by Jeff Melman and thereafter aired in October 15, 1990. Te prevailing episode mainly concerns the protagonist character accompanied by his cousin Carlton (Bignell, 2002). Whereas Philip and Vivian go to a trip to the Palm Springs within Mr. Furth’s helicopter, Will and Carlton drive Furth's Mercedes, where they were stopped by the White policemen. While they were struggling to find their way, Carlton’s car is slowing down to the corresponding 2 MPH thereby attracting the attention of the police thus arrested for stealing the car. Their effort to call at home for assistance failed, but Jeffrey hangs up on them because he was on his day off accompanied by his character of being languid. Fortunately, Will is lucky to reach his Uncle Phil`s attention through phony confession on television (Smith-Shomade, 2002). Uncle Phil accompanied by Mr. Furth head down to the jail where the police instantly update Mr. Furth that they found his lost car believing that the prevailing boys were crooks until they are corrected by him. Phil continues to beat down verbally the underlying dual officers via informing them of his prevailing status as a lawyer. He proceeds to intimidate them that in case they refuse to set Will and Carlton go right away, he would launch an investigation on them and then guarantee them they will be found of guilty of racial profiling accompanied by bury them in so litigation. The police then let Will and Carlton go with alacrity (Bignell, 2002). Because they were African-American, we employ ideology semiotic code since the underlying community accompanied by the media is normally labels with the minority race namely one entailing crime and negativity. The paper tends to analyze the prevailing semiotic code of the ideology race accompanied by how it is normally depicted. Episode 6 is chosen since it distinctly displays the correlation of the events to the everyday life of the underlying race accompanied by its depth representation. The stories also depict the elements of discrimination that is conspicuous within the entire episode as racism on the categorization of a minority group.
Much of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s comedy originates from Will, a fish out of water, and the adjustment of his prevailing new life Bel Air. Moreover, there exists strong theme of dichotomy within the show through the employment of the underlying Aristotelian accompanied by the Stylistic Approaches makes us to analysis the pilot episode where Will first turn up to the Banks’ mansion within the Bel-Air the family, thereby meeting the family’s butler, Jeffery (Smith-Shomade, 2002). The semiotic analysis mainly entail the significant of the prevailing costumes and sets as utilized within the episode in conveying the fundamental information about the underlying characters. Will`s clothing in the episode stands out conspicuously around him, reinforcing the underlying facts that he is the existing protagonist of the show accompanied by the values of individuality. Within the prevailing series, Smith attends the corresponding fictional Bel Air Academy, which was a private high school for solely rich kids. Moreover, the school for the well off, the academy possesses many precincts and regulations that entail a strict standardized policy (Bignell, 2002).
Within the episode, Will wears bright and vibrant colors that are yellow baseball cap, a stripped, yellow T-Shirt accompanied by the blue shorts. All these are symbolical of his underlying carefree and young personality (Smith-Shomade, 2002). The prevailing colors and the corresponding clothing choices reinforce the underlying fact that depicts Will as an outsider amid the influential within the Bel Air. They are symbolical of the prevailing urban culture of the early 1990’s. Moreover, Will’s colors are vastly diverse that the corresponding whites, grays, browns accompanied by blacks of the underlying set and that of the butter. The existing colors within the excerpts, for most of the section, of the monochromatic and acts as the demonstration of the complexity of wealthy society and the corresponding stoicism of Jeffery’s personality.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air serves as the communal research. Within the episode, Will and the corresponding interviewer are entirely at the odd at the commencement of the underlying scene, the interviewer holding to the idea that Will is inappropriate for Princeton because of his underlying behavior and background. These alterations, nevertheless, depicts that will is not solely demanded to reveal his astuteness, but also the underlying imparts his wisdom to the corresponding interviewer thus transforming the appraiser (Bignell, 2002). Via humor, charm and the corresponding strong sense of self, Will permits the interviewer and most significantly the addressees to view the universe via his own eyes. Moreover, this is a remarkably common element within the series with Will being depicted as the catalyst for the positive alteration in the personalities that surround him. This compels the underlying audience to reassess their own life, instilling within them esteem for those personalities who were diverse to themselves (Smith-Shomade, 2002).
Within the episode, Will is unique from the other supplementary students as his underlying blazer is turned inside out thereby disrespecting the school`s stringent standardized policy, in the errand of his peculiar sense of style (Smith-Shomade, 2002). Moreover, the underlying inside of his jacket entails bright accompanied by the vibrant colors that the character normally wears. Most significant dichotomy within The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air depicts massive distinction amidst Will and his cousin, Carlton Banks since both are opposites in certain respects (Bignell, 2002). The underlying characters are depicted as physical quintessence of the corresponding Upper-Class Blacks and the corresponding Lower-Class Blacks. Moreover, Will because of how he was brought up is characterized as more cynical and world –weary as compared to Carlton. Carlton originates from a wealthy dual parent home thus making him immensely romantic as depicted by its structure. Before and after the police officer stopped them, we see Will and Carlton possessing diverse ideologies, they clad different clothes thus depicting their underlying upbringings and individualities. Moreover, the underlying Will`s bright color is exceedingly contrasted by the corresponding Carlton’s old-fashioned and preppy look (Smith-Shomade, 2002).
The prevailing Stylistic Approach, music mainly Hip-Hop plays a significant role within the episode. Will preference of music is frequently associated with the underlying humorous inequality within the TV series and this almost clashed with the corresponding Banks family. The humorous inequality also extends to the Will`s friendships (Smith-Shomade, 2002). Carlton comedy dance is seen to come as exaggerated movements when he throws himself around the room. Populace normally hold a perception that A

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