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Reasons I am Successful in Relationships (Term Paper Sample)


Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) can be viable as risk-bearing entities. ACOs meet all the characteristic of risk-bearing entities. ACOs assume financial responsibility for a distinct set of benefits by agreeing to take prepayment for part or the whole cost of care. ACOs are willing to share medical financial responsibility for organizing the care of specific groups. ACOs can take responsibility for all the costs for care for their patients and minimize the total care costs since their groups of patients can share in the savings.


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Reasons I am Successful in Relationships
Thesis: I am successful in relationships because I am honest, mutually respectful, and passionate.
The main quality that makes me successful in relationships is honesty. I believe honesty is a single most essential attribute to succeed in any form of relationships. This quality helps me stay away from dangerous breaches of trust and I can share reality with my friend or partner. Through displaying honesty, I am telling my partner that I can trusts them and they can trust me back, including trusting my words and judments. This also makes them believe my commitments and promises. Therefore, honesty helps me build strong connections with my friends and partners.
Another attribute that makes me successful in relationships is optimism. At some level, some relationship goals seem like a dream and this can make someone feel like it is impossible to achieve them. However, by fantasising on these, they may appear more achievable. Optimism has helped me attain success as it supports my persistence whenever I encounter a difficult course of action in my relationship. Besides, optimism help me view setbacks I have had in my relationship as setbacks, but not personal failings, thus I can easily recover from my mistakes. For these reasons, having a sense of optimism and a strong belief

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