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Persuasive Communication: Direct Or Indirect Approach To A Message (Term Paper Sample)


the task had a number of questions and answers were to be provided to each question


Persuasive Communication
1 What variables would you consider to determine if you should use direct or indirect approach to a persuasive message?
When delivering a message, you have to decide either to get to the main point direct at the beginning of your message or delay it. Whether the message is good news or bad news helps in deciding which approach to take. Also, if you are persuading a small group, an indirect approach is better and vice versa.
2 What contents would you consider incorporating to persuade potential customers to purchase solar panels for their home?
Ethical appeals such as quoting experts in your content. Many shoppers nowadays research before buying. Quoting experts in the solar industry will prove the credibility of your solar panels.
3 What the ‘process' of persuasion entails
According to Harvard business review, (issue 1998) persuasion involves ‘establishing credibility, framing to find common ground, providing vivid evidence and connecting emotionally.' These are the main objectives of persuading.
4 Which other characteristics of writing can build or undermine credibility?
Inaccurate statements destroy your credibility because they show readers that you are careless. Use of filler words which waste the readers time should always be avoided. clear, consistent and complete writing is important as this shows the readers that you are serious about your work.
5 Why is it important to ensure that research is done well when using logical appeals?
The logical appeal is based on evidence and reasoning. When you use logic to persuade and your audience buys your idea it means you used logical appeal effectively. Reasoning that lacks evidence will end up in a dead end. To gather enough evidence, you need thorough research.
6 Provide an example of a recommendation that you have accepted or been persuaded to accept that was based on a logical and/or emotional appeal. Why was the appeal effective? What led you to accept the recommendation?
My weight had increased and my parent became worried. They recommended that I should stop eating junk food and do regular exercises. I accepted their recommendation because they showed me how excessive weight results in lifestyle diseases such as obesity. They also showed me the importance of being healthy. The recommendation was helpful to me as I figured out that I needed to reduce my weight.
7 How can goodwill help you build a persuasive customer claim?
Goodwill messages are selfless and sincere messages which comes as a pleasant surprise to the customer. Goodwill messages ask for specific favours and action. By acknowledging the importance of the customer claim acts as a good step towards writing a persuasive customer claim.
8 Give an example of how you might use internal and external benefits to help persuade teams to perform better.
Some individuals in an organization are not working up to their expectations they are not completing their task on time. First, you can meet them in their workplace and speak to them directly. This gets the point right and direct as its clear and concise. Inviting each involved employee for a private conversation with open-ended questions who in turn will share with other employees will help improve their performance by realising their senior's cares.
9 What makes analysing the audience even more important when planning bad news messages than when planning routine messages?
Routine messages quite often require a direct approach such as informing employees of a meeting you go straight to the point. When communicating bad-news you need to first prepare your audience this mostly requires indirect appr

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