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Piece Of Art In Reference To The Socioeconomic Classes In America


an analysis of a piece of art in reference to the Socioeconomic classes in America


Socioeconomic classes in America
The American social society is modified and stratified into diverse socioeconomic based classes. These social classes based on wealth status, education status and achievements, occupation, as well as income. The diversity and inequality in income experienced in the modern American society plays a significant role in setting and widening social boundaries. Many scholarly literature and models illustrating and defining social class in America have declared it a controversial and debatable topic due to the presence of diverse models and theories explaining it and some defying it. Most models classify the social classes into three distinct groups, the rich, middle class and poor. The American population is classified and stratified under a hierarchical social structure.
This study seeks to study analyze, evaluate, and examine an image depicting American socioeconomic status. The image shows a three stage platform, with each stage depicting different kind of people, lifestyles and social behaviors. The image shows a triple decker with each decker defining a single social economic class in the American society. The triple decker in the image demonstrates the three tier social model. The model offers information and explanation for social segregation experienced in the modern American society. It mainly attributes the discrepancy in social classes to diversity in income levels as well as educational influence. In analyzing this image based on the three tier social class model, this study will described the social gaps and diversity, based on influences of factors such as education, occupation and income.
The image shows a group of shabby, scruffy and grungy looking individuals on the lower most...
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