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Historical Context of the Federalist Papers. History Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


For this section of the paper, students are to examine the Historical context of the writing
of the Federalist Papers, including an explanation of how this historical context
contributed to the conclusions of the authors of the Federalist Papers


Historical Context of the Federalist Papers
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Federalist Papers
The Federalist papers are a series of essays on the suggested new US constitution under the republican government. It was published by Alexander Hamilton, Jay John and Madison James who are the most powerful national philosophers with an aim to persuade New York people to support the anticipated change. The 77 essays appeared in New York newspapers and printed in several states then later published as The Federalist Book on 28th May 1788 (Kleidosty, 2017). The other eight papers also printed August the same year. These broad writings aimed to urge people to create a stronger central administration that will work to empower citizens to confront challenges facing the nation. The Federalist context was to influence to support constitution change. These essays frame wider debates on answering the questions of the capability to establish better government from choice and reflection or continue depending on the political constitution which is constitution on force and accident (Kleidosty, 2017).

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