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Introduction to Networking IT & Computer Science Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


This is a networking paper. the paper discusses the normal types of network protocols and how they are implemented in a system.


Introduction to Networking
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Introduction to Networking
Computer networking refers to the connection of two or more computers aimed at enabling communication between them. Networks can be classified as either client-server network or peer-to-peer. In client-server topology, the computers send signals to the server asking for services such as an email and the server respond by availing the service to that computer. The server is a remote computer that stores all the files and controls how shared resources in a network can be shared. When a resource is still held by s certain computer, the requesting computer is queued up. In peer-to-peer topology, there are no super-computers. The computers have similar privileges and can send and receive information from each other regardless of the location. There is no remote computer that offers services to other computers connected to the same network. With peer-to-peer connection, all the computers connected to the same network can support the same function. Client-server connections are mostly used in a business set-up while peer-to-peer connections can be used at home or in a single office.
For two or more computers to communicate there are protocols, which guides their communication. A protocol is a set of rules governing how a computer sends and receives information in a network set up. The commonly used protocol is the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). The TCP/IP identifies how data can be exchanged over the internet determining how it can be broken down into packets, and then it is addressed, and then transmitted. The transmitted packets are then routed and received by the recipients still by the help of the TCP/IP. The advantage of TCP/IP above other protocols is due to its ability to recover automatically in case of a failure of a device on the network hence reliable (Shannon, 2016).

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