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National Level of Government Protection Law Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


WRITE A SUMMARY National Level of Government Protection


National Level of Government Protection
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Discussion Part I
The key elements of an all-hazard approach to protection and preparedness include, prevention of any possible hazard, protection from hazards, control measures against any hazard, response and recovery from any hazard. These five elements provide a framework upon which all United States citizens are well protected from terrorists’ attacks, or natural causes that would hurt or harm them. In this regard, primary efforts have been made to ensure that, the culture of preparedness within American society is achieved. U.S. Presidential Executive Order 13228. (2001), indicates that, the state has developed federal structures and policies with a presidential directive, to ensure that the citizens are well secured, and prepared in the event of any threat. Executive security branch of Homeland Security Presidential Directives (HSPD) was formed through a presidential order so as to handle homeland security matters as there was a need for a state body to bridge the gap between the security agencies and the security enforcement agencies. According to Kettl, Donald. (2002), financial resources were also set aside to facilitate the formulation and effective execution of the protection and preparedness policies.

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