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Singapore Negligence Law Law Term Paper Research Essay (Term Paper Sample)


the task required me to Use the laws governing professional negligence in singapore, to discuss if an undisclosed party could hold a third party directly responsible for its losses.


Tort in Singapore
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Often, people are involved in situations that involve an agency relationship according to Reynolds and Han (2018). In business, most people operate through agents without necessarily disclosing what they intend to do. Business practitioners need to understand the dictates of the law when dealing with agents. Where challenges arise, the law should provide solutions. 
Tort Law
In this case of ARB v ARBP, ARB can depend on tort law as a ground of taking legal action against ARBP. Fordham (2017) argues that tort law is useful in cases where the petitioner and the defendant had no binding contract. However, if ARB was to sue for negligence then these three fundamentals that form the basis of legal action in the law of negligence must be fully satisfied: the common law care duty, the measure of care and finally proof of damage according to Chan (2016). Duty of care requires the relationship between ARB and ARBP to be sufficiently proximate for ARB to bring claims of compensation. ARB does not satisfy the second element because ARBP does not owe it the duty of care. Although ARB lost millions of dollars it has nothing upon which it could base its claim for loss.

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