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Mendel's Hypotheses. Why DNA Sequencing is Important? (Term Paper Sample)


Week 4 Biology DQ Mendel’s Hypotheses Why DNA Sequencing is Important


Week 4 DQ
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Week 4 DQ
Question 1. Mendel’s Hypotheses
Gregor Mendel’s first hypothesis states that in any organism there is a pair of factors that controls the appearance of a given characteristic (Alberts, 2008). This can be stated that in the cells of any living organisms, there are substances that contain information which determines how the specific organism is and differentiate from all others. These substances occur in pairs.
The second hypothesis states that an organism inherits these factors from its parents, one from each (Alberts, 2008). This means that these factors are transmissible from the parents and each parent contributes a factor from the pair. This is the hypothesis used in the paternity tests. The gene map from a child in question is compared with that of the father.
Question 2. Why DNA Sequencing is Important
The basic blueprint for any organism is its gene sequence. This sequencing of the DNA has been so important in many fields of genetics and related disciplines. First, the DNA sequence is important in molecular medicine. It allows easy diagnosis of diseases through gene identification. Secondly, it is important in evolution studies and bio-archaeology. This is done through germline mutation lineages. Human migration and history has also been studied using DNA and chromosome inheritance sequences such as the study of Y chromosome inheritance to study male migration. The third importance is the use of DNA in forensic studies, identification of criminals and to exonerate wrongly accused individuals. This also extends to its use in identity revealing in cases of vict...
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