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Challenges Faced by Apple in BRICS Countries (Term Paper Sample)


Challenges faced by apple in BRICS.


Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc15288448 \h 3Background of the organisation PAGEREF _Toc15288449 \h 3Problem Statement PAGEREF _Toc15288450 \h 3Findings PAGEREF _Toc15288451 \h 4Discussion PAGEREF _Toc15288452 \h 5Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc15288453 \h 6Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc15288454 \h 6Appendix PAGEREF _Toc15288455 \h 10
The organisation which operates at the international level has to face different challenges that are absent in the case of domestic firms. During the time of expansion, companies face several issues. The marketing condition and the problems are immense and are complicated, which is not in the case of domestic marketing. The organisation which selected in this is "Apple computers, Inc". The market condition observed in the case of the international market is uncertain and filled with several challenges. The market issues which are prevailing currently in the global economy are challenging, dynamic and unpredictable. Some of the significant areas which create problems for foreign business are the political state and the diversity in culture. The constraints related to the geographical area are also considered in the discussion. This study focuses on the marketing problems which are mainly faced by developing countries. The countries under BRICS are discussed with the developed economies of the world.
Background of the organisation
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak established "Apple computers, Inc" on April 1st, 1976. They proposed a vision to change the view people think about computers, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs desired to make small computers enough for individuals to have it in their offices and home. Simply they wanted user-friendly machines. Wozniak and Jobs launched Apple I, which they sold without a keyboard, monitor or a casing (they added it in 1977). By the introduction of colour graphics in The Apple II it revolutionised the whole computer industry and the sales hiked to $117million in 1980 from $7.8 million in 1978. Apple becomes public after some time Jobs renovated computers and launched iBook later he also began mp3 playerS (iPod) and media player software (iTunes).
 Problem Statement
The challenges which are faced by Apple in the BRICS countries are because of failed marketing strategies. The BRICS countries are considered as developing nations and have limited financial resources. The emergence of Android devices in BRICS countries has become one of the most significant issues for Apple. The developing nation market is covered by android devices, mainly band ios has little share in the market share. Apple is facing marketing issues in emerging countries because the economic growth of BRICS countries is slower than the US and Japan, which is considered as developed countries. People in the emerging market are sensitive to the product price, and this is the primary reason why Apple is failing to flourish in the BRICS countries.
The advancement of technology in the business economy has not made marketing issues less. Currently, international marketers are still facing significant challenges while operating in the developing countries which come under the BRICS. The problems which are most often encountered by Apple in BRICS countries are listed below:
Tariff barriers: The duties and taxes on imported products are referred to as tariff barriers. International marketers like Apple find it troublesome to import its goods and function in the host countries, which are BRICS countries in this case.
Administrative policies: the procedures of administration, along with bureaucratic rules, make it extremely difficult for foreign marketers to operate in the BRICS countries (Alon et al. 2016).
Diversification: The culture and preferences of people are different in each country. International marketers face challenges in recognising the preferences of customers. It becomes difficult to understand other lifestyles and simultaneously fulfil the demand of the consumers.
Political instability: Political conditions 

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