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Gender Discrimination In The Workplace: The Sociological Theories (Term Paper Sample)


The work is about how people are treated unfairly at their place of work despite the fact that they are all equally trained. The mistreatment is caused by the fact that they are of a certain gender. they may lack promotions or other factors that are supposed to be there legal right.

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace Name Institution Date 1st Portion-Sociological Theory One of the sociological theories evident in gender discrimination in the workplace is the conflict theory. According to the theory, mistreatment of the subordinate groups by the dominant ones brings about social problems. In such cases, the genders do not have equal opportunities due to lack of power balance. In the occupational setting or workplace, gender dominance is depicted as men treat the women in any manner they feel. As such, it might lead to sexual harassment, emotional abuse, or even bossy mistreatment thereby bringing about adverse consequences to the affected persons. Usually, dominance among various social groups defines a society, as well as the manner in which individuals compete to acquire the scarce available resources. A similar case is evident in the workplace due to competition for power in coordinating the organizational processes. The men in various organizations make women subservient so that they maintain their status in the system (Bond & Haynes, 2014). Moreover, oppression of the subordinate groups (the females) leads to social problems. Therefore, it would deter the women in the workplace from undertaking their tasks appropriately, which would diminish the outcomes of the organization. As the two groups conflict, bullying arises that might expose one group to a set of operations they ought not to undertake. Gender dominance leads to social manipulation hence the women would not involve the men in their undertakings and vice versa. Consequently, it brings about poor relationships and lack of interactivity in the workplace thereby making it difficult to achieve the stipulated organizational aims. In the hiring or recruitment process of new employees, there would be a sense of inequality depending on the head of the organization or the personnel conducting the procedure (Bond & Haynes, 2014). 2nd Portion- Policies and Strategies Ideally, preventing discrimination against some aspects of gender in the workplace might be difficult thereby requiring incorporation of the most efficient strategies. Ensuring compliance with the sexual harassment policy is one of the techniques. In essence, this would do away with the issues of stereotyping in the workplace in which most men consider the women as objects of sex. Moreover, it enables the females to present themselves in a given manner without suffering any form of discrimination but rather enhancing their ability to realize improved work standards. Depicting a sense of familiarity with the antidiscrimination laws in the workplace would offer significant protection against discriminative acts, which would interfere with a range of operations in the system. One of these regulations helps in preventing a given gender from being discriminated based on their sexual orientation. Through this, the colleague employees or even empl...
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