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Specific Training Issue: Collective Bargaining (Term Paper Sample)


Assignment #9 – Specific Training Issue
This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements:
Learning to - Apply the training and development process to an organizational setting.
Learning to – Design an employee training program in an organizational setting.
Learning to - Describe and apply employee training theories and concepts.
The objective of this Assignment: To apply training and development concepts and processes to a specific training issue.
Step 1:
Choose a scenario for your assignment:
You are a training professional in a small company and have been asked to develop a training program for one of the following three scenarios:
1. Production in your printing area has declined. You have recently hired a number of new employees and believe that is the cause of the decline in production.
2. Your company had a major gas leak and you discovered the response to the leak was chaotic and not well organized. As a result, two of your employees were injured.
3. It has come to your attention that you are having retention issues in your circulation area. Four employees have quit in the last month and they all worked for the same manager.
Step 2:
Prepare a 15-20 page (not including the cover page and reference page) paper to be used when presenting your plan to the general manager. Keep in mind, the manager knows nothing about training and wants a solution that is both quick and responsive.


Prepare for Collective Bargaining
The Negotiating Team
Members who regularly contact the union team must be on the management negotiation team. Department heads, legal counsel for the company, or an official like the executive vice president may fall under this category. The following individuals will represent the organization on our negotiating team:
1 Chief Human Resources Officer
The Chief Human Resources Officer creates and carries out the organization's human resources strategy. This involves managing organizational divisions such as accounting and payroll, hiring and selection, employee services, and benefits.
The chief human resources officer will bring information on current difficulties that union workers are experiencing, such as safety concerns, overtime needs, non-fulfillment of benefits, and training, to the negotiation table. This will allow us to work out a solution with the union president while settling on advantageous conditions for both of us.
2 Manufacturing Director
The department in charge of producing brake pads, wheel hubs, axels, receiving supplies, managing inventories, and delivering goods is under the direction of the manufacturing director. Within their department, the manufacturing director works directly with unionized workers.
Since union members interact with the Manufacturing Director directly, the union can identify a familiar face. While pursuing a fair collective bargaining agreement for all sides, he aims to diffuse discussion friction. He will provide further details on what the union could seek to offer during negotiations.
3 Chief Research and Development Officer
Understanding current market demands and forecasting future market needs based on consumer behavior are tasks that fall within the purview of the Chief Research and Development Officer as they introduce new technologies to performance, goods, and services.
The Chief Research and Development Officer will bring information about the future of BWA to the bargaining table. The officer seeks to alleviate the union's worry that many positions may be retired since one of the major fears is that many current employments will be able to be mechanized by AI.
Collective Bargaining Agreement Reference
In order to better grasp the industry norm and compare it to our present collective agreement, it is essential to find and analyze comparable collective agreements as a point of comparison (Schulten, 2018). The collective bargaining agreement between the International Association of Machinists, Aerospace Workers Union, and Mettler-Toledo Inc. will be used. We may ascertain the following based on the collective bargaining agreement:
Collective Agreement Length

4-year agreement

Vacation Days

* Two weeks if less than one day and five years.
* 5 years but less than 10 years - maximum of 14 days, or 2 weeks + 1 day for each year of service completed from 6 to 9 years.
* Ten years but not quite fifteen years - three weeks.
* 15 years but less than 20 years - 3 weeks + 1 day for each year of service completed from 16 to 19 years (a maximum of 19 days total).
* Four weeks for 20 years or more.

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