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a review of the paper sneider and nega 2016 limits of the new international economics


A Review of the Paper by Schneider and Nega (2016) “Limits of the New Institutional economics Approach to African Development”
Ruto Jemuta i(X74/4107/2017), Lily Argut (X75/4776/2017), Brian Nyakwama (X75/4798/2017), Bonface Nyakundi (X74/4031/2017), Lydia Omondi (X74/4146/2017)
School of Economics, University of Nairobi
A Review of the Paper by Scheneider and Nega (2016) “Limits of the New Institutional Economics Approach to African Development”
According to Schneider and Berhanu Nega’s “Limits of the New Institutional Economics Approach to African Development”, there are four limitations, namely; it a has a narrow view of institutions, it over relies on the analysis of transaction costs and property rights, it has an historical attachment to markets and the private sector as the key contributors and it does not take account of the inside of institutions. The paper suggests a detailed analysis of property rights along with culture and development programs that address poverty and lead to economic development through the state.

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