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Abnormal Psychology and Behavior and the Factors Affecting Them (Term Paper Sample)


Abnormal Psychology and Abnormal Behaviour


Abnormal Psychology and Abnormal Behaviour
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Abnormal Psychology and Abnormal Behaviour
Human minds are complex. Psychological health issues are on the rise globally. Scientists define psychological abnormalities are as a result of the malfunction of the brain cells, or when the brain is not able to balance stress hormones release. Any person is susceptible to having psychological disorders. People whose habits are off the normal society standards are considered as abnormal. Mental health is based on psychological and behavioural characteristics of a person (Liberzon &Abelson, 2016).
Abnormal psychology and abnormal behaviour have varying diagnostic characteristics. Psychological studies suggest that there are several classifications of abnormal behaviour and psychological disorder phenotypes. Psychological and behavioural disorder symptoms range from mild to severe whereby one is likely to harm themselves or members who are close to them. Disco Di suffered from isolation, depression, stress, suicidal thoughts, obsession among other symptoms. Disco Di’s symptoms were severe as she attempted to take her own life away.
I agree with the diagnosis given to Disco Di (major depressive disorder) because she had periodic and substantive behavioural changes throughout her teenage years. Some rigid abnormal behaviour of a person’s traits, for instance, Disco Di’s unwillingness to quit alcohol formed her personal traits “drunkard” and her compulsive trait of not wanting to visit the psychiatrist in the absence of her parent’s company. Some of the syndromes associated with compulsive behaviour are eating disorders, sexual distresses, anxiety, antisocial tendencies and manic moods, which were also Disco Di’s symptoms (Waszczuk et al, 2019).
Disco is experiencing withdrawal symptoms. She could not make any friends since her sister passed on. When her parents left their home for the vacation she was lonely, she got herself drunk and called the psychiatrist. Disco was not comfortable interacting with other people or make trips to the doctor alone. Disco’s withdrawal symptoms also affected her ability to be productive when working at her father’s company. Abnormal psychology disorders suggest that when a person loses a companion there is likely of one getting depressed and distanced from other people this, in turn, affects a person’s willingness to snap back and make new interactions. This is because the affected person’s psychology is anxious to lose a close companion again (Waszczuk et al, 2019).
I believe Disco Di is experiencing other disorders such as bipolar disorder. She could make unnecessary calls to her psychiatrist regarding one issue or another. She was always launching complains about her family, sometimes she was very depressed and had suicidal thoughts. Disco is unable to manage her tension when working at her father’s firm. She could get only get the symptoms when working at the firm. There is a likelihood that Disco’s personality disorder was stimulated by her parents getting back together when she was a teenager. Psychological traits like hers mean that she was afraid of lacking attention that her mother could give to her father.
The brain determines learning ability and correlations with other people. The brain can switch between connections when it is more adjustable. Disco’s psychology was unable to switch and connect with her father whom she had spent many years separated from (Zhang et al,2016). Her emotional memory was unable to 

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