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Psychology of Group Dynamics Psychology Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


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Psychology of Group Dynamics
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Psychology of Group Dynamics
Question 1: Conformity and Obedience
Based on an experiment that was conducted by Asch (1955), conformity was the change in an individual’s behaviour so that it can go along with a given group regardless of whether there is an agreement or disagreement with the group. From a group of participants, Asch found that 76% of the participants easily conformed to group pressure. Stanley Milgram also conducted research to understand the effects of authority on obedience, recruiting participants from different professions. Milgram reported that people obey as a result of fear or the desire to appear cooperative to other members of a given group. The two factors determining obedience often overrides one’s better judgment and even better desires. From Milgram’s experience, it is evident that people are reluctant to confront those abusing power in management or other supervisory positions.
Solomon Asch’s Line Judgment Study profoundly explains why people tend to conform so readily, After interviewing the participants after the experiment, most of them expressed concerns, not really believing in the answers that they gave through conforming. However, they had gone along with the group’s views because of a possible fear to be ridiculed by the group. A few participants believed in the answers given to the group, as being correct. Thus, people will tend to conform for two main reasons based on Solomon Asch’s Line Judgment Experiment. First, it is due to the normative influence that creates the need to fit in a given group or as a result of informative influence based on the thought that a group is more experienced than an individual. The Line Judgment study is further reinforced by the works of social psychologists, Stanley Milgram, who found out that people obey because of fear of punishment or wanting to appear as cooperative. More submission was more pronounced when the authority figure was in close proximity, and when responsibility could be passed to others.
Question 2: Youths’ Aggressive Behavior and Effectiveness of Punishment

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