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Is Knowledge Justified True Belief Psychology Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Is Knowledge Justified True Belief


Is Knowledge Justified True Belief
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Is Knowledge Justified True Belief
Knowledge is a way through which a person gets at the truth. Knowledge is held to be justified true belief under the conditions that a person knows a proposition to be true only if that proposition is true, that the individual believes the proposition is true and that he or she is justified believing that the proposition is true (Ichikawa & Steup, 2017). Something is justified if a person defends its existence based on good reason, whereas something is held to be true if it conforms to reality. A belief is connected to knowledge since one can only know what they believe in. On the other hand, according to Turri (2012), knowledge as justified true belief (JTB) refers to a statement that a form of “double luck” influences knowledge. In other words, the JTB approach begins with justifying a belief to meet the justification prerequisite for knowledge. Next, some form of bad luck is introduced, which would typically impede the justified belief from turning out to be true. Finally, some good luck is added, which cancels out with the bad luck, thereby enabling the belief to become true. For instance, a wife can mistake someone sitting in her husband’s usual chair as the husband even without confirming that indeed it is the husband (Turri, 2012). This is because the wife has JTB but she is not 100% sure that her husband is around. In such a case, the husband and whoever is seated in the husband’s chair are counterexamples to JTB. Thus, knowledge is not justified true belief (JTB) because JTB does not meet the necessary, as well as adequate conditions for knowledge.

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