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FREUD’S UNDERSTANDING OF NARCISSISM. Psychology Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)




How Does Freud Understand the Concept of “Narcissism”?
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Freud’s Understanding of the Concept of “Narcissism”
Every person has a degree of narcissism, but many factors influence its longevity. Narcissistic individuals exhibit excessive interest in self-admiration by focusing on their positive physical attributes or despising others who do not share their qualities. Even though narcissism originated from Greek Mythology, Sigmund Freud played a crucial in popularizing it through the “On Narcissism” essay in 1914. The concept has, however, divided psychologists’ opinions on whether the ego is acquired at birth or learned later in life. Freud understood narcissism as the pursuit of gratification in every human being that determines self-image and behavior, happiness, and love and sexual relations.
All humans have a degree of ego that influences their self-perception. Most psychologists opposed Freud’s assertions that people adopt egoism in their lives. 

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