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What Engineering Behaviours Do Preschool Children Display When Playing With Blocks (Term Paper Sample)


What Engineering Behaviours Do Preschool Children Display When Playing With Blocks


What Engineering Behaviours Do Preschool Children Display When Playing With BlocksStudent’s NameInstitutional Affiliation
What Engineering Behaviours Do Preschool Children Display When Playing With Blocks
Literature Review
In the recent years, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education has characterized the extant literature and debate on early childhood education and educational policies. The debate and increase research interest highlight the significance of STEM in early childhood, and as such do not only serve to create a foundation for future scientific understanding, but also help in initiating important attitudes and skills for the young learners (Breiner et al., 2012; DeJarnette, 2012). The need to initiate STEM education in early childhood education is further informed by the research evidence that the drive to interact, explore and even observe human beings and nature begins at early childhood (Morrison, 2013). Additionally, the global economy is progressing further towards technological-based industries, seeking to create demand for workers who are proficient in STEM (Sullivan, 2016; Breiner et al., 2012). A section of the studies however allude to the fact that children display engineering behaviours while playing with blocks, which influences their STEM attitudes (DeJarnette, 2012; Morrison, 2013). Consequently, the current study seeks to review extant literature on the peculiar engineering behaviours that children tend to display as they play with blocks. The next section discusses significance and contribution of the current study to the body of the literature.
Significance of the Study
In an already overcrowded and highly fragmented world of early education curricula, developing an engineering based curriculum represents a big challenge. Exploring the support towards the integrated STEM approach, educational resources in early education regarding early engineering are still very limited on an international level, and particularly within Australian context. Scattered activities or small-scale engineering related lesson plans are available for use by teachers in class. However, these lessons are presented without an assessment tool (Bagiati and Evangelou 2009), and no outreach programs, educational standards, or complete prekindergarten engineering curriculum setting a clear teaching philosophy, learning goals, and assessment tools exist yet (Bagiati et al. 2010; ADDIN EN.CITE Bagiati20153(Bagiati & Evangelou, 2015)3317Bagiati, AikateriniEvangelou, DemetraEngineering curriculum in the preschool classroom: the teacher's experienceEuropean Early Childhood Education Research JournalEuropean Early Childhood Education Research Journal112-128231STEM educationCurriculum planningEarly childhood teachersTeacher trainingEarly childhood educationEngineering education (Early childhood)201502//1350293X101101736Article,sso&db=eue&AN=101101736&site=ehost-live&scope=site10.1080/1350293X.2014.991099eueEBSCOhostBagiati & Evangelou, 2015). Currently, contrary to prior notions of each scientific subject such as Science or Technology, being presented independently on its own merit, an emphasis is given on the integrated system. 

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