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Biblical and Theological Underpinnings on Poverty and Social Justice (Term Paper Sample)


The paper is a substantial piece of theological and practical reflection based on an exploration of the biblical and theological underpinnings on poverty and social justice. The essay simply report or summarize. It concentrate on theoretical and practical issues. It demonstrates thoughtful reflection, analysis, and should embody a conceptual argument in which various angles of the topic are explored in fairness and at length. It is a theological analysis and reflection on questions of the presence of God and God’s people in the spaces of vulnerability, poverty, social justice.


Biblical and Theological Underpinnings on Poverty and Social Justice
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Biblical and Theological Underpinnings on Poverty and Social Justice
Poverty and social justice according to the Bible and theological teachings are related issues. Theology uses the Bible as the reference for the instructions on God's plan for humanity and the lessons on poverty and social justice. God condemns injustices that widen the gap between the rich and the poor (DrHeiser, 2018). Theology uses the Bible stories in addressing issues on poverty and injustices as God is against poverty since he provided humans with enough resources to sustain their living as discussed in the Genesis stories. Thus, honest life and following God’s teachings in the Bible should form the basis of addressing poverty in society.

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