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Ancient Egyptian Culture (Term Paper Sample)


The term paper was the final assignment of the term for the Culture and Ethnic Studies class. The paper involved selection of an African country and providing a write up on the culture of the selected country and its representation in the USA.
A thesis statement had to be provided to guide the paper. The paper focused on the culture’s art, religion, sex and gender roles and its values.
provided instructions
Introduction with a thesis statement
Provide a brief history of your culture
Explain how your chosen culture is represented in the United States
Is your culture individualistic or collectivist? Provide at least one example
What are some of the artistic (art, music, architecture, dance) contributions of your culture?
What are some values of your culture? Provide at least three examples
discuss your culture’s religion(s)? Include name and basic belief system of at least one of the major faiths
What are some of the sex and gender role differences in your culture? Provide at least three examples
Discuss what we would need to know to acculturate into your culture (if it is a culture from the past, what would we need to do in order to fit in during that timeframe). Provide at least one concrete suggestion


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Ancient Egypt civilization contained numerous intermediate periods of instability, but it was eventually successful due to the use of the River Nile to the Egyptians' advantage. They farmed and exported their commodities to neighboring regions, which created a level of sustainability for themselves. Artistic elements like music, dance, and art in the form of carvings and paintings characterize this civilization. Ancient Egyptians used musical instruments like flutes, harps, and cymbals, used paint from mineral ores, and followed standard guidelines in their art. Other aspects of the ancient Egyptian culture include their architecture which is known for spectacular constructions like the pyramids and temples. Architecture is one of the elements of ancient Egyptian culture that gets represented in the US, alongside others, like writing and using calendars to track days, months, and years.
Ancient Egyptian culture is rich and diverse, with a long history covering numerous years. Ancient Egyptians were civilized because they had strong governance and were orderly in their manner of living. Some of the renowned cultural aspects of the ancient Egyptians include architecture, math, and writing. These aspects have influenced numerous countries, which have adapted elements like the calendar to track days and numbering in math. Ancient Egyptian culture contains artistic aspects like art, music, dance, gender roles, and architecture, and most of these elements get represented in the US.
Ancient Egypt was a society in the northern side of Africa, located in the Nile valley. Its civilization took place after the period of 

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