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Containment of Different People Within the Group (Term Paper Sample)


The key discussion is containment of different people within teh group. People have different behaviors within the group and for the discussion to be effective, these individuals need to be psotively involved within the discussion. It induces different strategies that contains all individuals in the group


Student’s Name
Challenging Participants during Professional Development
Scenario 1 # When one group member does most of the talking, I establish and enforce the rules that can be essential to guide the entire operations of the group. This entails keeping the comments of the member brief to cut too much time spent on one member while talking simultaneously and to enhance the balancing of the participants such that every individual is given an equal chance and time to speak or participate in the group. Besides, I suggest a time limit for every member, particularly the talkative member. I can enforce the rules to raise hands for the individuals to talk such that it will limit those who take more

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