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The Coffee Culture. Why coffee culture is growing. Social Sciences (Term Paper Sample)


The Coffee Culture


The Coffee Culture
The Coffee Culture
Growing up, my family has always had mixed consumption preferences, and never thought coffee was the most popular drink until the researcher took this course. According to Tucker (2011), the coffee plant is as old as 500 years, and although it is not as old as tea, coffee is more popular than other stimulants. In the last five millennia, the number of coffee lovers has rapidly increased with the help of technology and the internet, which helps in spreading the culture. I have learned many things in this course, but what fascinates me the most is the culture of coffee drinking. Coffee culture is growing speedily and it is fascinating because of its benefits to the human body such as cancer prevention, as compared to its demerits.
Today, more coffee shops and houses are being opened across the world as the number of coffee clients grows. According to Maguire (2013), the coffee culture in China is growing, and in particular, Starbucks coffee is gaining market coverage. Tea dates back to the third century AD in China (Schwalfenberg ET al., 2013). However, as more coffee shops are opening in China, many Chinese are now embracing the coffee culture. Maguire (2013) adds that Chinese coffee consumers have widely embraced the Starbucks coffee brand, as it is a global status of quality coffee and trustworthiness. Coffee is an essential commodity, with more than 400 billion cups of coffee made annually

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