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Deontological vs Utilitarianism Term Paper Writing Assignment (Term Paper Sample)


Deontological vs utilitarianism

Deontological Ethics
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Utilitarianism means that individuals should typically act in a manner to increase their happiness. This is a very demanding requirement because it requires individuals to decide on how to increase their happiness in a given society. Proponents of this theory hold that actions have calculable results and also that ethical choices have consequences that leads to greater happiness to the different members of a community. Going by these propositions, utilitarianism is therefore normally regarded as a consequentialist philosophy. This is because it holds that consequences can either be predicted and actions are judged on the basis of the impacts. As a result, utilitarianism is therefore associated with the adage saying, ‘the end justify the means.’
In fighting a war, using the utilitarian philosophy implies doing actions which are so...
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