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How Computers Have Been Applied In The Health Sector To Save More Lives (Term Paper Sample)


The work is about how computers have been applied in the health sector so that to boast it and save more lifes.

Computers and Health Care Name Institution Date Introduction A computer refers to an electronic device used for manipulation, storage, retrieval, as well as processing of data or information. Usually, the results obtained from the operation of such a device are based on some instructions or a program regarding data processing. A computer program may be either inbuilt or run by an administrator or both programs in some computers especially the modern ones (Patterson & Hennessy, 2013). Due to the rapid technological advancements and innovations, computers have a significant contribution to a range of operations in the contemporary world hence they are essential today. As such, people have to be equipped with the knowledge on how to use computers to conduct different activities. Ideally, several companies computerize their work to boost productivity, as well as profitability. In this manner, the employees have to depict the relevant expertise on how to undertake the stipulated tasks efficiently. Moreover, the training of the youths or teenagers on how to use computers and the vital applications has become essential since today, and teachers require the students to submit the exams through computers. These devices make online or video is chatting easily thereby improving interactivity between friends or loved ones. Through computers, students always learn various new things, as well as enabling them to employ innovative techniques in their studies. Contemporarily, almost all business areas and departments use computers. Therefore, employing people who do not have such skills is a constraint for individuals in the job market, which forces them to be equipped with the relevant knowledge. As an educational tool, computer illiterate persons may not fit properly in the various societal aspects like the social considerations. It also provides entertainment to different people hence depicting its essential role (Rosenberg, 2013). Main Part (Health Care Technology) Health care technology encompasses the application of relevant skills, knowledge, and expertise for improving the quality of lives of individuals, as well as providing efficient solutions to some given health problems. Usually, the skills involve the use of vaccines, medicines, and devices while applying the most appropriate procedures and developing appropriate systems. In health care, pharmaceuticals and organizational systems serve of great vitality in dealing with a set of constraints within the sector. Usually, the products and devices help in the diagnosis, monitoring, as well as treatment of health complications and diseases. These technologies facilitate the provision of efficient care by ensuring early diagnosis and incorporation of treatment options, which are less invasive. Through such processes, hospital stays by the patients reduce substantially as the experts employ adequate techniques to deal with their conditions. With the technological advancements, doctors or physicians and patients find it easy connecting easily through video conferences. In essence, this saves money and time, which would be spent undertaking a range of processes such as traveling to different geographic locations. As the number of hospitals that use health technology increases, the care practitioners find it efficient accessing the type of information they require through patient records or even research. The mobile devices utilized by the physicians to acquire health information also serve mainly among the technology products in the medical sector. It is always important for the care providers to examine digital information using devices such as x-rays. These have a significant contribution to the efficient provision of health care services (Hollis et al. 2015). Conversely, as innovations are integrated into the medical sector, the principal focus is to promote the safety of the patients and improve their life quality. As such, there would be various ways of improving patients’ safety to realize the best outcomes and minimize complications in any way whatsoever. Some of these would include the provision of adequate support to the health care workforce. Through this, the personnel is aware of their roles in the medical sector and employ a chunk of expertise in undertaking their procedures. The support might also comprise of meeting the needs and interests of the care providers to enable them to incorporate the best processes. Another way is through optimization of the technology to ensure that it is safe and does not bring about adverse outcomes to the patients. In this case, it becomes easy to provide and acquire the most efficient health services, which boost the quality of life and reduces cases of complications. Substantially, it serves vital collaborating and coordinating with the patients, as well their families to enhance the provision of the safest care. These enable the practitioners to acquire relevant information regarding patients’ complications and their medical history through proper access to various records. Through studies and research, the experts learn some of the proper ways of promoting safety concerns. However, there is the need to ensure increased funding in this area to facilitate implementation of a range of programs, which enhance data acquisition and incorporation of appropriate expertise. As such, the leaders have to be in the frontline for sustaining safety culture, as well as different coordinate procedures in the health care system. Moreover, the entire continuum of care needs to considerate in promoting safety rather than focusing on few areas. In essence, coordinated oversight would be important undertaking (Groeneveld, 2013). Conclusion (The benefits of a computer-oriented society) Computers have brought about a revolutionized system in the way different people, as well as enterprises operate. They have a significant contribution to the communication processes...
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