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Network Neutrality: Broadband Convergence, Telecommunication Policy (Term Paper Sample)


Select one (1) of the following topics in which you will base your responses in the form of a term paper:
Network Neutrality
Wireless Technology
Broadband Convergence
U.S. Telecommunication Policy
Internet Security
Write a ten (10) page paper in which you:
Compose an executive summary highlighting the paper's contents and reasoning for your chosen topic.
Conduct a SWOT analysis by analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, application opportunities, and threats from competitors of the chosen topic.
Evaluate the current ethical and legal concerns surrounding your topic.
Select one (1) ethical or legal concern surrounding your topic, take a position on the issue, and provide rationale.
Analyze the improvements over the last two (2) years to your communication technology topic, and suggest an improvement based on its current usage.
Predict the future role of the communication technology you've selected for both personal and commercial use.
Create a diagram that illustrates the communication structure of your chosen technology in Visio or its open source alternative software. Note: The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length.
Use at least eight (8) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.


Networking Neutrality
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Network neutrality
Network neutrality is the knowledge that internet service providers (ISPs), comprising cable firms like wireless providers like Sprint and Time Warner, ought to treat all internet traffic in the same way. It states that your ISP should not be permitted to degrade or block. Since 1980’s,internet traffic has improved a lot due to entrance of picture and mp3 based sites. Moreover, film streaming and peer-to-peer file sharing has become very common since 2004.Youtube and other free film content sites started using a good amount of bandwidth, to which ISP’s demanded to charge them for making their content available over the supplier’s network. Network neutrality has always been a topic of debate as it could be both positive and negative. For some big firms it is highly desired for reasons like assuring quality of facility, whereas for others it is equally dangerous.
Compose and executive summary highlighting the paper’s contents and reasoning for your chosen topic:
Living in today’s world you have to be mindful of the way that our technology has changed over the years. Wireless systems have a lot of challenges considering they have to deal with battling with transmission effects that are significantly more disinclined than for a wired system. To better start this paper out I will give a definition into just what a wireless network is. Just the term wireless is very easy to understand being that it means having no wires. Yet, when it comes to networking terminology, wireless simply means any computer network where there is no physical wired connection between the receiver and sender. That the connection that happens takes place over radio waves and even microwaves to maintain communications. Instead of using wires certain equipment such as NICs, Aps and routers are punt into effect.CITATION Bea \l 1033 (Beal, 2016) In most cases you may hear people refer too wireless technology as Wi-Fi network or WLAN.
As the days go by this technology is increasing because of the ease of set-up. From your everyday wireless cell phone usage to the fact that computers can be connected just about anywhere within your home. It’s as easy as having two or more computers equipped with a wireless adapter which is most important to the process, along with a wireless router. When the computers send out data, the binary data is then encoded to radio frequencies and then transmitted by the wireless router. The computer that is receiving will then decode the signal back to the binary data. I chose this topic because this is one aspect of technology that continues to grow. What has really changed for the better is a corporation’s ability to connect and transfer information on the go over extreme distances. Whether it is in the form of smart phones to computers and printers to headphones and even speakers. I had no idea how much it would grow over the past ten years but it has made drastic changes with a few problems along the way. I am very eager to see what the future has to offer for the world of technology.
Conduct a SWOT analysis by analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, application opportunities, and threats from competitors of the chosen topic:
A SWOT analysis is an analysis that an organization does to identify its internal strengths and weaknesses, coupled with its external prospects and threats. SWOT is an acronym that stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Application Opportunities and Threats. So the following information will give a SWOT information into wireless technology. So let me first start with some of the Strengths. 1. Mobility and Collaboration have increased when it comes to wireless technology. People within the workforce are allowed to move from place to place using a wireless LAN while at the office. Which increases the ability for work to be done without being behind a desk all the time. 2. Another strength would be quick response time. This is essential when trying to appease to the needs of the customer. Customers, or better yet I will use myself as an example I want fast response time when I access a company’s website. I don’t want to be hit with a pop-up that states that the system is down or under construction. Same goes for others, they want fast response times when they have concerns and questions. 3. More efficient way to gain information. Within a business wireless LANs provide access to certain areas that in other case would be difficult to connect to if there were wires used. An example of this would be doctors who work within remote areas they can be in touch with other medical centers through wireless communication. 4. Lastly but most important to most businesses would be the cost of it all. Wireless networks are much cheaper to install and maintain. CITATION Mar12 \l 1033 (Mary, 2012)
Next on the SWOT analysis we will address the Weaknesses of wireless technology. 1. I will address the most important of the weaknesses which is security. With the growth of technology especially within wireless technology the usage of personal devices has grown considerably. With this being said, people are able to use their personal devices anywhere and everywhere. It is because of this usage that threats have become imminent. It is very easy for hackers obtain the access to wireless signals. Therefore it is very important to secure the wireless network so that it is not harmed in any way and valuable information is not mishandled. The best way to do this would be to have commonly used encryption methods on hand. CITATION Mar12 \l 1033 (Mary, 2012) 2. Range would be another weakness. The network can be less steady. Wireless reception may be weakened by a number of features including great distances or objects among wireless devices, including other networks. 3. Reliability is another weakness that wireless technologies are subjected to. Like radio wave transmission, they are subjected to a large assortment of intrusions. 4. Last but not least, we speak on speed. The speed of a wireless network is much slower than a wired one. It is easy to notice that the farther away from the router a user becomes, the weaker the signal becomes. This can prove to be a problem for a business or certain area. “The modem supported 802.11g which allowed for transmission speeds of up to 54Mbps (megabits per second). The newest wireless standards, 802.11ac, specifies a single link throughput rate of 500Mbps.” CITATION Hru15 \l 1033 (Hruska, 2015) When it comes to the wired connections speed it is much faster than that of a wireless because connections can get up to a speed of 1 Gigabyte per second. That much quicker than that of the fastest Wi-Fi connections out there.
Next on the SWOT analysis we come to Application Opportunities. With the recent growth in wireless communications, it allows for standard technology in personal area, metropolitan area, and local area networks. Wireless technologies offer better benefits than that of wired because of the low cost, quick transmission, flexibility as well as it more appropriate for remote end applications. Wireless technology is just one of the pertinent technologies that allows the positioning of something called a smart grid. A smart grid is an electrical power grid that is more efficient and more resilient than the current power grids. It makes the usage greener and more proficient and as always less costly. “The whole idea of a smart grid is to have enough computer intelligence to control the grid better and make it more autonomous and self-healing.” CITATION Col \l 1033 (Columbia Engineering, n.d.)
Next on the SWOT analysis we address the Possible Threats from Competitors. Depending on which cellular phone company you are with you will always get a promotion from a competing company on just how much better their network is compared to the company that you are already with. This is what is meant by competitor threats; outside factors that are beyond the control of a company. Changes in trends can affect the way that business is handled as well as a new business starting out may have a possible negative financial affect that is costing the company money. As I spoke of earlier companies such as Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and other cellular companies have for the past few months competed with each other to gain the most customers. Constant commercial advertisements showcased how much network capabilities one company had over the other. As of today I currently use C-spire also known as Cellular South, and I can attest to how horrible the 3G network is. I plan to change cellular companies next month just because of this. I continue to have dropped calls and inconsistent text messages; either I don’t get them or people don’t receive them from me. This is bad for a company’s revenue as well as customer relations. A person such as myself does not like to pay for something that they are not able to use to its fullest capabilities. I should be on a 4G network however, I am not. 3G or 3rd generation is just an application that offers mobile internet access, video calls, and mobile television along with wide-area voice telephone all within a wireless mobile environment. 4G is the exact same thing, however it does all this much faster than 3G.
Now today more and more people are using smart phones more than ever. They use them not only to make regular voice calls but they also are using them to make video calls to family abroad as well as video conference calls to handle pertinent business transactions. Not to mention the hustle and bustle of the Internet’s social forums on a constant rise because of companies being able to promote their business there to attract more and more consumers. Understanding the changes, and possibly opportunities a...
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