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Blackberrys Managerial Challenge Research Assignment (Term Paper Sample)


Each student is to
• Identify an important managerial challenge facing his or her work or other organization.
• Develop a plan that integrates effective financial and operational decision making to successfully meet this challenge and improve organizational performance, in a succinct report that includes an executive summary.
More Information:
What is a succinct report? Could it be 10 pages or less? One reads that IBM decision papers are limited to that length, and we all recall the single-sheet Ringo Sho approach to important decisions at Toyota.
As to overall plan format, I-B-C ( is, recommended for your consideration.
A results-filled executive summary (ES) should lead off the plan. This link is to "How to Write an Executive Summary" in Course Resources. You may also benefit from a review of the files in Course Resources specific to Writing Guidelines and the files showing proper APA citations.


Blackberry`s Managerial Challenge
Institutional Affiliation
Executive Summary
BlackBerry has re-emerged on the telecom scene with novel significant expertise and in 2013 Research in Motion engaged a formal change of its name to Black Berry. At the same time presented an innovative streak of smartphones with a marque innovative functional structure and a reinvigorated enterprise facility (Miller, 2013). The organization`s two lately propelled smartphones, the” Z10” and “Q10” were aimed at offering competition to “Apple`s iPhone: besides Samsung`s “Galaxy” products. In recent times, the organization has also reinvigorated its “BlackBerry Enterprise” software and has presented the capacity to utilize enterprise facility versions on iOS and Android mobiles. On the financial point of view, the organization has tolerated certain instability and has come up with a robust foothold. Investors previously reacted negatively to Black Berry 10 launch since the US client base had to delay up until the end of 2013 to get the new devices. As the organization progressed nearer to the US presentation the stake value started to gain stability as investigation organizations foretold that BlackBerry`s deals would have been advanced than forecasted during that period. In Q3 a year before, the organization posted excellent revenues of about $2.69 billion above the forecasted and it shipped about 7 million smartphones and 260,000 Blackberry Playbooks. Given this, the paper is set to examine the prevailing managerial challenge(s) that BlackBerry is facing and develop a strategy that incorporates active fiscal and working decision making to positively encounter this trial and increase administrative performance.
Blackberry`s Managerial Challenge 
It is significant to note that, “Research in Motion” (RIM) emerged in the mobile infrastructures business in the mid-80s. Rim was founded by Laziridis and it was headquartered in Ontario and penetrated the marketplace with a shared paging expertise, which was advanced as a supernumerary merchandise for “Motorola`s SkyTel.” Following a sequence of funding in the late 90s in addition to co-CEO association with Balsillie, the organization propelled its initial monogram BlackBerry device in 1999. A year later RIM developed and launched its principal smartphone, the “BlackBerry Bold” and the announcement manifested the start of the company`s drive through the unrestrained and tremendously unstable high expertise business. At the beginning, the organization`s iconic BlackBerry product was horse-riding the peak of the telecom upsurge. The company`s patented and supreme encryption expertise made their product the internationally favored Smartphone amid business customers and administration organizations. The product supremacy rapidly pervaded the distinct customer marketplace, but the firm`s affluences turned out to be the nastiest as penetrating competition and inventive expertise emerged. Rivals like Apple and Samsung arrived in the marketplace towards the end of the last decade and rapidly turned out to be a cultural wonder. As their marketplace stake harshly gnarled, so did the firm`s stake price and the investors lost nearly eighty percent of their affluence in 2011 (Levi, 2011). Furthermore, toting saline to the injuries, their world celebrated encrypted linkage encountered power blackouts in that year that impacted millions of consumers for a number of days. Whirling from the innovative rivalry and linkage disaster, investors asked for variations inside the organization and the co-CEOs resigned and a fresh CEO, Heins, took charge with a different planned attention and reclassifying under the designation of their monogram product, BlackBerry. Nonetheless, notwithstanding its tumble from elegance, the organization has kept on to establish its user base to nearly eighty million. Increasingly, the firm`s recent BlackBerry Z10 smartphone release has been quite well received I the mobile communications market (Yahoo, 2013). The share price appreciation clearly portrays the organization`s enhanced optics and approval of its new CEO and merchandise strategy.
Managerial Challenge
In recent years, it has been noted that the firm cannot overlook its commercial origins and high soaring corporate voyagers in airfields from place to place in the world and for numerous companies RIM is still the finest option (Standard & Poor's, 2013). Over the years, the CTO that selected an organization`s phone did not care whether one played “angry birds” game on it or not. What the CTO cared about was that the emails one sent were protected besides the phone lasted long sufficiently for squad associates to reach one of their own when s/he left the office for some field activities. Moreover, at the end of the firm`s market has always been the youth market segment and paternities are contented to go BlackBerry. It has been this way since the devices are inexpensive operating and provide BBM to their children for them to chat with their groups and it does not cost a treasure to procure it out from the vendors. Nonetheless, within that fantasy is a problem and the problem is that the newest incomes appear to illustrate that customers do not try to purchase BlackBerries. The trend tells it all and the downside is more since they had them bought for them by parents and organizations they once worked for or still work for presently (Standard & Poor's, 2013).
The trial is for the firm to demonstrate that it is still pertinent that it has not surrendered the competition and that it does still have the weapon to battle back. The organization`s administrative executive of worldwide deals and promotion has affirmed that the reports that the firm is taking out of the customer marketplace are exclusively unfounded. In essence, he affirmed that at the organization is only repositioning its efforts on the core strengths, there is a huge problem that the company is facing and has not yet gotten off the hook. For the organization, it implies that its original client base is on one occasion a crucial emphasis. The firm then has got to make certain that the moments of the organization that effort operate in a smooth way and make deliveries to back the rest of the corporate for the contest into the future. As thing go today, the company is in danger of losing the central commerce to “Apple,” “Microsoft,” “Google” and the Asian giant Samsung who are all quite in the mix with novel inventions that have already started blowing away that loyalty base of BlackBerry. If things go on this way, there will only be one fruit-branded organization left in the mobile market and that would be a terrible share and destruction of the pride that BlackBerry once enjoyed around the world.
Furthermore, in recent days, the Ontario based firm reported having recognized hardware revenue on slightly more than two million smartphones for the quarter that ended in recent times and this associated to above ten million smartphones for Apple old in the same period following the entrance of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6plus. BlackBerry`s periodical income has lurched to about fifty percent of previous prime revenues to about $915 million. However, from records that show past activities, it is found that as soon as Apple introduced its principal iPhone in 2007, it took more than seventy days to ship its one million smartphone. At the same time BlackBerry managed to ship more than three million products in four months over approximately the identical spell or era and the reversal of revenues is not a surprise. The BlackBerry global smartphone market share has dwindled to under one percent based on statistics from the study organization “International Data Corporation,” which is far below (Yahoo, 2013,) Apple`s hold of more than twelve percent of the market share. It has to be noted that this is a reverse achievement for BlackBerry that once had a commanding market share of close to fourteen percent in the last three years. It signifies the manner in which things change swiftly and turn out to be curdling for a smartphone manufacturer when it drops out indulgence. Relying on corporate clients and the unique email encryption for a long time even in the wake of fierce competition is a time bomb that is waiting to go off. In addition, for the firm the bomb`s effects have already trickled in even before the syndrome goes deeper.
The proposed Solution
A good plan has to be put in place as soon as possible to make things work out well for prosperity. The proposed plan here will have six steps that BlackBerry will have to work on in order to accomplish financial and managerial enhancement decisions. The steps include; i) removal of BlackBerry 10, ii) increase promotion and awareness of PlayBook to attract more users, iii) Enhance overall efforts to prosperity, iv) Make Amazing Moves, v) Solve the Android app Problem, and vi) improve the BlackBerry Hardware.
It is apparent that the overall face-lift of the operating system cannot arise rapidly enough and hence it seems that “BlackBerry 10” will not grasp the brightness of the day up to far along this year. At this point, RIM might have to elevate the podium from the lifeless, and the original OS centered on an inset edge not that dissimilar from the “windows 7 phone” for instance. Smartphone shelters have been enhanced lately so the prerequisite for a bodily keyboard is not as dangerous as it used to be in the past few years. There is a swing to more graphic mobile technology that does lots of the dispensation for the users and the users do not requisite to key-in so much since the applications do the toil for them. For instance, Dropbox syncs information so that users do not have to messa...
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