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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
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International Financial Management. Accounting, Finance Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


The assignment conducts a case study on Deutsche Bank and takes an indepth analysis on the financial ratios necessary to determine whether the operations of the company are profitable and worthwhile. THE assignment also gives the recommendations based on the analysis of the best course of actions that the bank should take to ensure that its operations are sustainable into the longrun.


International Financial Management
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Brief history of the company
The founding of Deutsche Bank took place in Berlin. Three years later, a London branch was officially opened. It was incorporated in 1870 and since then, the bank has grown rapidly over time to be among the top ranking service provider in the financial field around the globe. As a global investment bank, Deutsche Bank AG avails a vast array of financial services dealing with management, savings and investment as well as and custom banking as well as in assets and wealth management (David, 2005)
The major divisions of the group include:
* Corporate Banking and Securities
* Private business clients
* Global transactions banking
* Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management
* Non-core operations unit
The corporate banking and securities contains two business divisions that are corporate finance and markets that offer an array of financial products. Private business clients, on the other hand, contain three business units given by private and commercial banking, advisory banking international and Postbank. As for the Global transactions banking, it delivers commercial banking products and services to corporate clients and financial institutions. Deutsche AWM is an investment organization that offers investment across various asset classes to individuals and groups. Finally, the Non-core operations unit deals with a separate division alongside Deutsche Bank core business (David, 2005). Being among the best banks for private and commercial clients in Germany, Deutsche Bank has emerged with time to become the world leading Bank in Europe. Deutsche Bank's investment banking business has been doing well especially due to the reason that it has gained market share as one of the best providers in global transaction banking market (Brady & Simon, 2002). Additionally, the bank has succeeded in increasing its scale by expanding its capital base asset and wealth management to a tune of more than 1 trillion Euros in asset under management (David, 2005). Since 2012, the Bank has found its way to the top and has ideally worn the hearts of clients especially with its stronger, safer, better, balanced, and more responsible policies (Brian & Aalund 2008). Located in Frankfurt Germany, the bank has a market capitalization of 36.46 Billion Euros as well as a share in the issue of 1.38 billion (David, 2005). Their number one aim is to transform the world into a hub of experience, capabilities, and financial strength that creates value for stakeholders, clients, employees as well as the society as a whole.
Liquidity ratio
Liquidity ratios provide information on a company’s ability to meet its short-term, immediate obligations (Stern, Michelle, & Randle, 1996). Liquidity ratios represent the ability of the business to fulfill its short-term obligations using assets that are most readily convertible into cash.

Liquidity Ratios

Current ratio = current assets
Current liabilities

Current ratio indicates the company’s ability to cater for its current liabilities with its current assets. It is a measure of solvency of the business. Nevertheless, it indicates how well the current assets were able to cover current liabilities with a margin of safety.






= 0.4671

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