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Marketing Insights. Business & Marketing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Task is regarding marketing Insights of flaim company. The assignment asks to Integrate data from Multiple Sources which means preventable house fires and Providers of choice in protections need to be used in the assignment. several files were provided for support that were to be used and integrated in the assignment.
The sample provides the data integration of flaim. Further it includes analysis and trends in the market. The sample also provides a competitive analysis, consumer trends and employee concerns. The sample also presents the analysis of main drivers of market. At the end, references and appendix is also given


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Executive summary
Fires are a hazard that can become disastrous if not controlled on the early onset. bush fires can become severe and cause a lot of environmental damage if not managed. Management is done by proper training and one upcoming trend is VR. Virtual reality assisted training is the future of fire safety training as it does not put the trainee in actual risk, saves data and gives multiple scenarios with one device, one perfect example being FLAIM extinguisher.
Whenever we market a new product, the research needs to be done elaborately. For FLAIM Extinguisher, i.e. a virtual reality fire safety training device, the market is new, upbeat and ready. There is however some competition but the trend is growing. My paper elaborates these trends and gives the data on preventable fires and how this training can be helpful. (Appendix B)
Data from public sources and integration
In 2017, 1588 preventable house fires took place in the CFA districts causing a damage of over $42 million.
In 2017, total avoidable fires in residential areas decreased by 2.9%. The most expensive areas of damage were on the outskirts of Melbourne, including the suburban districts of Dandenong, Caroline Springs and Narre Warren. The kitchen begins with the most preventable fires, followed by lounges, bedrooms, fires and garages (scientist, 2007).
There are still over one-third (37%), however, of fires starting in the kitchen is down 8 per cent from 2016. The fires associated with cooking are down 12%. The incidents were 274 when fires were started at stoves, oven and cookers (Watson, 2009).
The main cause of property losses is electric fire, with a total damage estimated at $9.8 million. On average, in Australia every week in a residential setting more than one fire-related death happens. This is about the same number of deaths every three years as during the Black Saturday bush fires (173). These deaths can be avoided overwhelmingly. Residential fire deaths have significant emotional, social and economic effects on individuals, families, communities and also on the firefighters and other emergency personnel involved (Coates & Kaandorp, 2020).
The choice of right fire protection partner is one of the most important decisions which building owners and land managers have to take. Far from the largest category of expenditure for most services, it can impact the health of the occupants and properties of the house. While most building owners and managers are inclined to simply buy price-based services, it is important to understand what services your supplier provides. An thorough inspection will ensure that the building is secured and the responsibilities fulfilled, meeting the provisions of relevant codes and standards (Watts, 2001).

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