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Analysis of Policies Governing the Education and Training Curriculum (Term Paper Sample)


Topic: education and training, 3 pages, 6 references, harvard style, and double spaced.
In not more than 3 pages, analyse the policies of the education and training curriculum.


Analysis of Policies Governing the Education and Training Curriculum
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Analysis of Policies Governing the Education and Training Curriculum
Impact of current educational policies on curriculum and practice in the teaching profession.
The course on education and training is designed to meet the standards defined by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) professional requirements or standards. The policy outlines the expectations following the completion of education training. Under the ETF professional requirements, teachers are expected to eventually be reflective and inquisitive in their practice, which puts them in a position to think critically of their educational assumptions, and their norms as well as practices (Roberts, 2016). Practitioners who have completed a course in education and training are further expected to engage in evidence-based practice and inform or advance their profession with relevant research (Thomas, Kern, Hughes, & Chen, 2016). Professionals in education and training under the ETF standard are further expected to act with integrity and professionalism as they target to meet the learners’ expectations (Roberts, 2016).
Teachers or trainers under the Education and Training foundation (ETF) are expected to be vocational specialists or experts in teaching as well as learning. The curriculum for Education and Training as an area of specialty leads to the attainment of nationally acknowledged Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS), a recognized mark for post educational training (Bowe, Ball & Gold, 2017, p. 10).
Education and Training is divided into different areas of specialization depending on the level a learner undergoing the course intends to teach. According to Thomas and colleagues (2016), some of the levels targeted by the curriculum on education and training include the Early Years Teacher Education, Secondary Teacher Education, Middle School Education, Special Needs Education and Technical Teacher Education (pp. 96-99). While engaging in professional practice, the curriculum defines employer benefits as ‘expressing good skills in teaching, assessment and the ability to learn further in the field of education and training (Roberts, 2016; Reece & Walker, 2007). The expert practices the theories, principles as well as models that are included in the education and training curriculum. The certification indicating 

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