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Educational Leadership from the Muslim Tradition Education Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Essay on history of education leadership within the Islamic education context. Also i have a video instruction from the lecturer breaking down the question further. its 6 minutes long approx. please watch and consider everything the lecturer recommends
I will need this essay to be structured really well with a satisfying conclusion too! i have been let down before with extremely poor conclusion and to much waffling lol. Please be extra meticulous with grammar and spelling - i am flying off next week and wont have tie to go over the small stuff. Please use the sources I have provided plus additional more from you.


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Educational Leadership from the Muslim Tradition
The educational field represents one of the most critical elements in the growth of people intellectually, as well as the general development of a nation. Schools require competent leadership that focuses on the generation of qualified personnel at the end of their school life. The school administration, teachers, and all concerned parties require exhibiting leadership skills that ensure the educational objectives are met accordingly. The Muslim religion through the teachings of the Quran and the input of individuals and organizations play a critical role in the promotion of education around the world and especially in the Arab nations. Consequently, the essay seeks to evaluate whether the educational leadership in the Muslim tradition is transformative or authoritative.
Muslim Education
Over the years, the importance of Islamic education has taken center stage in most nations. In the United States, discussions on Islamic education increased as more Muslims migrated and settled in the nation in the last few decades. Their contribution to the growth of the nation warranted the recognition of their traditions, leading to the development of schools centered on Islamic educational leadership concepts. In 1977, the First World Conference on Islamic Education took place in Mecca, Saudi Arabia (Memon, 2011 p. 288). The objectives were to improve the state of Islamic education across the world. Since the conference, reasonable investments in Islamic education in the form of curriculum development and teacher education have taken place around the world. However, in the United States, the Clara Muhammad School system remains the only major organization that solemnly focused on Islamic education (Memon, 2011 p. 289). The organization focused on issues such as teachers in order to churn out competent leaders for the Muslin schools. Teachers play key leadership roles in the classes and the school in general. Therefore, training them about leadership skills in and outside the school environment is one way of boosting the school’s performance.

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