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Liberalism in International Relations. History Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)




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Liberalism in International Relations
Liberalism is one of the leading schools of thought in international relations theory alongside Realism and constructivism. Liberalism comes from the Latin word liber, which means to be "free." Liberals believe that with proper institutions and diplomacy, states can work together to maximize prosperity and minimize conflicts. At the same time, individuals can be free in all spheres of their lives. Some of the primary rights it advances include the freedom of the press, freedom of expression, and the right to own properties. Despite facing a lot of opposition in the world, liberalism remains one of the leading principles of international relations playing critical roles in governance, trade, and advancement of human rights globally.
Liberalism explains international relations alongside other theories such as Realism and constructivism. The three systems shed light on existing assumptions in international law, and all have played critical roles in global peace and coexistence. Early international theorists argued that the primary function of international relations theories was to balance global power and ensure world peace (Guilhot, 2011). However, the world has never had consensus on a single principle to guide the world. Thus, different people ask the same question and give different answers leading to the development of diverse systems. Although various systems provide different solutions to the same problem, they tend to overlap in addressing some issues.

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