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Requirements Engineering in Software Development (Term Paper Sample)


The task was majorly about requirements engineering in software development. The paper discusses the two major elements of requirements engineering. These elements are requirements documentation and requirements lifecycle management. Under requirements documentation, various requirements such as business requirements, functional and non-functional requirements for the case study a case study called Student Gigz was performed. Furthermore, In requirements lifecycle management, the requirements lifecycle was critically inspected and analysed.


Requirements Engineering
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Requirements engineering has become a central focus in the current framework of software development and is a very well established discipline with a various techniques, approaches and tools being proposed by various scholars ADDIN EN.CITE Daneva2014221(Daneva et al., 2014, p. 1)222217Daneva, MayaDamian, DanielaMarchetto, AlessandroPastor, OscarEmpirical research methodologies and studies in Requirements Engineering: How far did we come?The Journal of Systems & SoftwareThe Journal of Systems & Software1-995

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