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Arts Term Paper: A Day In The Life Of A Curator (Term Paper Sample)



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A Day in the Life of the Curator
Nature’s Beauty, The Modern Museum, 2017
Nature’s Beauty surveys a landscape of beauty and elegance, shaped by man’s desire to control nature. The show addresses the theme of “landscape painting”- an epic of humanity’s connection with nature to modify its scenic view, change its terrain, and modify objects that lie above the surface. Bringing together artists from all walks of life, the exhibition depicts a world in which culture and nature is being interplayed, and the landscape struggle to keep its original form. Thus, it is a story of people’s perceptions of the world that are shaped by their remembrance of the past in an attempt to plan for and communicate the future with each other. Artists, in the Nature’s Beauty shares much with scientists in the investigation of why and how societies tend to modify landscape. The collection is a peculiar opportunity of exploring the mind that emerges from the works on view, combined with the understanding of art as a platform for studying cultures through exhibits on forests, rivers-capes, trees, mountain-scapes, hill-scapes, and fields.
Nature’ Beauty’s art- the Bridge with a Sluice-draws attention to the use of the sluice that populates the scene. The sluice is a symbol of the human presence in and attempt to control nature. On the other hand, Landscape with a Calm evokes a mood, which, in turn, contrasts weather impacts that exemplify nature’s unpredictable and changing relationship with humans. Finally, Irises, Ontario, California, and Classical Landscape with Figures and Sculpture are idealized and idyllic antiquity of the harmony amid nature and human architectural activities (Getty n.p.). Overall, these works have been inspired by the relationship that people develop with the different aspects of nature depicted in the exhibition.
Despite being from different artists, the works of art relate in many ways. A common theme of landscape inspired all the artists. From Bridge with a Sluice to Irises, except for the print Ontario, California, all the objects are painting. However, the fact that both are about scenic view makes them relate to one another. Furthermore, the pieces of art are all linked by the transition in the period. Each piece of art from Bridge with a Sluice to Ontario, California shows a smooth transition in the art history all around the globe. For instance, through the 18th century Classical Landscape with Figures and Sculpture art, Vincent van Gogh managed to create the 19th-century Irises art. Therefore, the exhibition not only captures the transition in artist’s development right from the 17th to the 20th century, but also inform about the relationship amid human and nature.
Finally, the collection links the change in cultural aspects concerning nature. Notably, this, perhaps, was the most interesting factor about the theme as it led to the choice of the images. Through the exhibition, the idea of landscape painting became paramount as all the images attempted to illustrate the connection between nature and human architecture as well as activities. Strictly speaking, the fact that people tend to control the nature was an interesting aspect of the topic as it was shown by the numerous modifications the artists made over the centuries. Therefore, changes in artworks are dictated by the change...
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