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Physical and Chemical Properties and How It Affect The Packaging of Milk (Term Paper Sample)


The assignment is about milk packaging. This paper, therefore, discusses the packaging of fluid milk. Some of the factors considered in selecting the package for fluid milk include economic cost, durability, the appearance of the package, consumer preference, safety, ease of filling and handling, and convenience. All these factors lead to a selection of a packet that is most suitable for packaging, transport, and storage of fluid milk keeping in mind the safety of the milk. This paper discusses each of these materials noting their physical and chemical properties and how they affect the packaging of milk.


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Milk Packaging
Packaging of milk to ensure the safety of milk during processing and transportation has been a question of interest in public safety matters. As a marketing manager of the Nadec Dairy Company, I would like to reach out to the potential customers on appropriate milk packaging hence encourage them to buy canned milk. 

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