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Communication Strategies and Critical Thinking Assignment (Term Paper Sample)


The task was to define critical thinking, describe or explain the various barriers to critical thinking. the sample is all about critical thing issues and various constraints to positive and critical thinking. The sample is also about practically identifying which of the barriers the student is familiar with and to what extent has the barrier prevented him/her from achieving his/her goals.

Communication Strategies
Critical thinking
Critical thinking is defined as an intellectual process that entails conceptualization application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation of information. To put it differently, critical thinking is the ability and skill that enables one to reason clearly regarding an issue. It provides a platform for reflective as well as independent reasoning and thinking in regards to gathered information. In most cases, information is gathered through observation, personal experience, and reflection. Critical thinking is used as a guide to appropriate actions. Additionally, critical thinking is based on international intellectual principles such as transparency, precision, and constancy. Critical thinking evaluates and examines various elements of thoughts like consequences that highly contribute to the final course of action. In its exemplary form, critical thinking enables an individual to draw rational connections between thoughts, which lay a concrete foundation in problem-solving.
Critical thinking is useful and applicable in our daily operations. Its importance can be measured in different ways and levels. Firstly, it is a domain-general skill relevant and appropriate in all professions. In other words, critical thinking is not restricted to a specific field. Secondly, it promotes social interaction and healthy relationships by enhancing systematic expression of ideas. Thirdly, it supports creativity, which s useful in solving and accomplishing the task at hand. Fourthly, critical thinking skill is fundamental for personal reflection. It is a key factor that influences individuals on how to live since it enhances self-reflection on values and morals. Lastly, critical thinking is significant and relevant in family, organizational and governmental set-ups since it is used in decision-making processes.
Barriers to critical thinking
It is worth stating that people tend to behave inappropriately and selfishly due to several barriers in relation to critical thinking. As a matter of fact, individuals suffer severe consequences that could be mitigated through critical thinking. Personally, I stand as one of the victims of barriers to critical thinking. I ended up losing my scholarship program in the last semester. This was as a result of consistently poor performance caused by peer pressure. Similarly, I recently had an argument with a fellow classmate due to egocentrism. We were involved in a conflict of interests, which took hours to resolve. My classmate, who is also my close friend, was the cause o...
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