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Soldiers in Ancient Greek Communications & Media Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


investigate the position of Soldiers in Ancient Greek as part of your dramaturgical research.


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Soldiers in Ancient Greek
Ancient Greece was made up of several autonomous city-states as opposed to the modern day single state (BBC). According to Blackwell, “the city of Athens lived under a radically democratic government from 508 until 322 BCE” (1). The composition of the Ancient Greek society was diverse, with the adult male citizens being the dominant and driving forces of the economy since they were entitled to full rights of property ownership, voting, and occupying a public office (Cartwright). The role of women, children, slaves, immigrants, and laborers was well defined with minimal social interaction with the native male citizens. However, in times of war, class differences were set aside, and army residents joined forces to defeat enemy troops. The purpose of this dramaturgical research paper is to establish the social, economic, and political environment in which the Ancient Greek soldiers operated. The paper is divided into various subsections that will deal with the identified issues in detail.

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