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American History Analysis (Term Paper Sample)


Assessment of american history since 1619 to 1870


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American History Analysis
Unattended Opportunities for Eliminating Slavery
The year 1619 market the onset of slavery in America, which since independence presented opportunities for eradication thou unmet. The emergence of slavery could have been effective in 1807 when the abolitionist came into effect in America (De Schweinitz 20). It was however until 1865 that such imperialistic business still prevailed. America also acted as the hub for slavery through the intermediation of the British African business. Upon gaining independence, America had an opportunity to inculcate diversity in the American dream.
Aftermaths of California and New Mexico Annexation
The Mexican-American war was a threat that ensued thou terminated by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Although the United States stood to gain vast land from Mexico besides paying a penalty of 15 million dollars, it exposed a vulnerability to slave exploitation. The underlying state of slavery in Southern America implied that slavery would thrive at the expense of the victims.
1830 and 1850 Compromises
The newly acquired land as an aftermath of the American-Mexican war was subject to negotiations brokered by Henry Clay (Miller 20). There were suggestions that slavery legislation had to be expanded to the newly acquired territories. The aspect was based on the verge of slavery in the south yet the majority of the northerners opposed the propositions.
Kansas Nebraska Act and the Dred Scott decision: Sectionalism
Sectionalism increased the political, economic and social diversity between the North and the South. The Dred Scott decision on the fact that the African Americans were not protected as citizens favored the South. The Northern citizens were thus likely to propagate aggressiveness on the primitive politics in the South. The Kansas Nebraska Act similarly provided an additional avenue for the propagation of slavery by developing new occupational lands. 
Economic and social advantages: 1860 potential war
While the North was prominent in manufacturing, the south had vast lands for agricultural activities. The south also clung to the aspect of slavery an aspect

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