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Critical thinking (Term Paper Sample)


The paper explores a topic critically.

Critical Thinking Project
Amy, an American, is contemplating undergoing an elective cosmetic surgery abroad. The ethical dilemma inherent in this situation is multipronged. However, Aristotle's virtue ethics theory will guide her, in this paper, to make the most suitable decision for her and other stakeholders. To begin with, the stakeholders are Amy, U.S and India's health sector, and America and India's citizens. Amy's decision to undergo surgery in U.S or abroad will have far-reaching ramifications on all these stakeholders. This paper will demonstrate that the most ethical decision for Amy is to undergo the elective cosmetic surgery in U.S.A.
Aristotle's ethics demand that it is not enough to know ethics. One must endeavor to practice them. One must show moral value by doing that which promotes the welfare of members of the community. Intellectual virtues demand that one should act in the most rationale way. Teleology contemplates purpose as the main driver in decision-making. Additionally, Aristotle's ethical values espouse a virtuous life with moderation and purpose. While happiness and fulfillment should guide life, virtue is supreme. All this imperatives will come into play as Amy makes the decision to outsource or undergo surgery at home.
Amy shows a proclivity for pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. She pursues dancing to offer the flexibility to enjoy life, an aspect that is perfectly within Aristotle's virtue theory. Her cosmetic medical procedure is purposely to bring more fulfillments. Further, the though to outsource the procedure is rationale. India offers the best deal in terms of price. The medical facilities for tourists are excellent. She will experience more convenience and a higher guarantee to survive than in America's facilities. To the extent that Aristotle's ethics theory advocates for pursuit of happiness, self-interest, and application of rationality, Amy is perfectly in order to outsource her cosmetic medical surgery.
A full application of Aristotle's ethics theory demands weighing of several imperatives, which in my opinion, tilt against outsourcing the medical procedure. There are several moral grounds for this position. Aristotle's intellectual virtues stipulate the need for wisdom. Its moral equivalent calls for actions that advance the wellness of one's community. If Amy decides to save up to 70% of the procedure's cost by avoiding local facilities, she will violate the intellectual dictum that sees things as a whole, not as sum of their parts. In any case, she runs the danger ...
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