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Into the wild Literature & Language Term Paper Essay (Term Paper Sample)


Analysis of Jon Krakauer’s Into the W


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Analysis of Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild
Jon Krakauer is the author of the non-fiction book ‘Into the Wild’, written in the year 1996. This book is considered to be Krakauer’s expansion of an article titled ‘Death of an Innocent’ that was about Christopher McCandless. This article premiered in the ‘Outside’ issue in the year 1993 on January. Later on, in the year 2007, this book was made into a movie that starred Emile Hirsch and Sean Penn, in the role of an actor and director respectively. A key theme in, ‘Into the Wild’, is the relationship that fathers had with their sons (Krakauer 12). These relationships seemed to affect the manner which most characters related with each other. This paper seeks to give a critical analysis of the father and son relationship between McCandless and his father. Furthermore, it will analyze their relationship based on the real life relation that Krakauer had with his own father.

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