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Rap and Hip Hop A Resistance and Hope Literature & Language Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


The essay assignment will be in the form of thematic comparison of scholarly articles, books, or class readings involving a specific topic in cultural history of your choosing. The essay will identify the sources’ thesis, evaluate the each author’s argument, evidence and conclusions, weigh strengths and weaknesses, etc.


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Rap and Hip Hop: A Resistance and Hope
Many forms of music have sprung from an experience of struggle and served as a form of expression – of the untold and of the unheard. Rap and hip hop is one of these forms of music. Before the commodification of rap and hip hop, it was a site of resistance, a struggle against an oppressive system that kept the minority disenfranchised. Rap and hip hop was created as a counter-culture against a racist society. This paper would focus on this aspect of rap and hip hop and how it served as a form of resistance for the minority.

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