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The Effects And Social Changes In The Industrial Revolution Period (Term Paper Sample)


discuss the social changes in the industrial revolution period


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9 October 2018
Effect of Industrial revolution on social class
The industrial revolution occurred from 1750 to 1914, in different European regions and with diverse technology. It occurred in three different phases in Britain, France, and Germany (Spielvogel 297). The economic change saw a transformation from agrarian contribution to industrial growth, new and innovated energy sources capable of powering industries, and technology invention.
The industrial revolution contributed to several social changes as the economic way of life shifted from agriculture to industries. Class and family structures changed from the traditional norm of commoners, clergies, and nobility to the working and middle class popularly called the bourgeoisie.
Class stratification with an accumulation of wealth occurred with the emergence of the wage economy. Perry indicates that capitalism steered industrialization leading to the desire to work in industries (297). The daily wages were a quick income method that lured people into the newly commercialized urban economy. In the new industry-driven economy, time was of the essence and valuable to the manufacturers.
Precision and efficiency replaced the old fashion seasonal approach to work, which led to a shift in the mainstream social norms. For instance, employers organized labor and developed work rules. Employees had to adhere to the strict rules, thus making them develop a time conscious approach to social life. Specialization increased efficiency with workers required to concentrate on repetitive jobs so that they could gain perfection. The resultant social effect was a society defined by the division of labor.
Most industries were in urban areas as the production cost was easier to mitigate than in the rural areas. The onset of industrialization prompted most people to leave rural areas to the urba

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