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Goal Setting (Term Paper Sample)


how to set our goals.


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We describe our success by our own goals. We tend to maintain expectations rather than surpassing them. Thus, we should have challenging goals or expectations. Since dreams occur outside us, we refer to them as things we hope for or rewards that directs our motives. Our processes and common tasks are created by our goals hence having them, we know what we can do and we work together based on the goals. We set our goals to show us the direction we kind of follow for our success. We usually face some difficulties in setting our goals although it feels rewarding by setting them.
We sometimes have difficulty in qualifying and quantifying the goals we should have. By this we take a lot of time in setting our goals, because we must introduce it as a process, we must develop the necessary ideas and skills and we must also implement the procedures of setting the goals. In an organization, we find it harder to develop and come up with goals that all the members of the organisation agree to and pursue it actively. We usually set goals to serve as a responsibility clearly delegated to someone, to update and improve old programmes by developing the new ones hence diversify the services, to identify our strengths and also the strength of an organization, to focus individual interest and efforts in a direction consistent and to increase success of an individual or an organisation.
We should think about the future when setting our goals. Upon thinking of the future, we should develop the S.M.A.R.T rule to make our goals achievable.
S – We should ensure our goals are specific.
M – The goals we set should be measurable.
A - We should also ensure we achieve the set goals.
R – They should be relevant.
T – And lastly we should ensure we achieve the goals within the time frame.
We should be specific about what we want to accomplish in the future. We should recognize being specific as the mission of our goals. By being specific, we should consider whom do we need to involve in order we achieve the goals set. We should think of the mission we want to accomplish and we should not be afraid in getting the detailed. We should also consider the time bound set for accomplishment of the goals to make our goals achieved. Specific also answers the question, what is the reason for the goal? As individuals when we are specific the answer to this question will be within the future carer development.
We should consider the metrics we are to use to in determining if you we meet the set goals. Measurable makes the goal to feel tangible since we can now have a way we can measure the progress of achieving the goals. If in case we set goals that are to be achieved within a few months, then we should set milestones by considering some specific tasks to help in accomplishing. We should have a source of information that we can measure to determine whether we have achieved the goal. Measurement of the goal will also indicate directly or indirectly how successful a particular goal looks like. At some point, measurement can be difficult hence at that point t needs togetherness to identify the relevant source of data collection methods. As we plan for the future goals, we should also plan on the efforts we need during data collection.
We should focus on how a goal is important to us and what we can do to make the goal achievable. This may require us to develop a new skill or change our attitude since the goals we set are meant to inspire our motivations but not to cause discouragements. If we have they correct tools or skills needed, we should think on how to achieve the goals. If not, we should consider what it could take for us to attain the skills needed.
By being relevant, we should focus on a goal that broadly has sense. For example, if I set a goal of launching a new service or program, the goal set should be in line with current business objectives.
We can set goals but if we have unrealistic

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