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Water Pollution Life Sciences Term Paper Research Paper (Term Paper Sample)


To EXpress the rise of water pollution and the ways in which it should be controlled.


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Introduction and the Background to Water Pollution
Water is very essential in the survival of every living thing that exists on the surface of the earth especially human beings. Animals and plants also depends on availability of water for their growth and survival. Therefore, there is need of conserving water sources such as rivers, dams, seas and oceans. Basically, water pollution is the process of contaminating water sources such as rivers making it unsafe for human usage. There are many causes of water pollution including the application of fertilizers and manure on farming, industrial wastes and oil pollution. Human beings are the major cause of water pollution. The aim of writing this paper is to express the rise of water pollution in today’s world and the ways in which it should be controlled and reduced by the countries which have been largely affected. This paper also covers the effects that water pollution has caused on food security.

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