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God's existence (Term Paper Sample)


prove that God exists? more instructions; minimum of 2 references 2 pages

God’s existence
With the increase in technology and humankind’s ability to reason and come up with solutions, there have been contradicting ideas as to whether God exists or not. The scientific evolutions have tune and twined everything in the scientific world whereby everything on the planet has to be subjected to proofs before they are pronounced good or bad for usage or consumption. The existence or absence of God happens to fall in this trap. Therefore, in this research paper constitutes a scientific view as to whether God exists or not.
First, it is essential to note that for a given concept to be agreed scientifically there must be proofs or evidences to the ideology. Taking this concept into application, scientists have failed to spot or come up proofs /evident pertaining God existence. This implies that God is not there. Contrary to this, mankind has become more confused with some ideologies in place to an extent that everything is beyond his/her thinking or reasoning, he or she believes that there is a supernatural being that controls the functionalism of the thing. The scientists term this to be a crude way to come up with verdicts pertaining issues.
Similarly, the history of ancient man (humankind) records it that the bible (a book that is believed to be holy and guides the Christians) was inspired through humankind hence being jotted down. This phase sounds contradicting by the fact that the creator is inspiring to humankind the way he or she should serve him and not establishing where humankind originated. If this could be the case, then the creator could ascribe the sets of laws to govern humankind right from the time he created him.
Consequently, one will not be wrong to say that humankind has a higher reasoning or thinking compared to other organisms; this qualifies him to be governed by his conscious that developed as a result of perceiving sensations and thoughts. This ability makes mankind to feel that he is superior over other organisms hence, his instinct misleads him that he has a role to perform other than enjoying his existence as in this case of other animals/organisms. At this juncture, many questions remains unanswered at the back of one’s mind; for instant, what makes mankind to have a special role to perform as opposed to other organisms if not the plants?
Finally, I must admit that am bounded to a religion (Muslim) of which I totally do not have a clue as to why am there. I was born and ra...
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