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My Religious Experience with Hinduism Religion & Theology Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


The requirements of the essay are as follow. "Write a paper about research done on a particular religion and some of its traditions. Tell of your experience of a particular denomination or religious event outside of the religious tradition to which you may belong. Although the religious tradition you choose will most likely be an import from a foreign land, America has served as a landscape that has further shaped these traditions. Your investigation contributes to the larger understanding of the world religions in the American context. Compose a paper of your fieldwork or virtual tour and try to imagine what question an audience might ask you. Focus on the experiences, not just a report on the religion you have chosen." I am Muslim (my religion is Islam) and I want the essay done on Hinduism. I want a brief history of Hinduism, at least 3 of their traditions, and how a religious service is conducted in the context of Hinduism (told from my point of view as if I had attended a religious service in a Hindu temple in the state of Arizona US.) I do not want a biased opinion or voice in this essay, I want to just present the information I learned and experienced to be mentioned. (P.S. If Hinduism is to foreign a religion for the writer I am willing to change the religion to a different one,)


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My Religious Experience with Hinduism
Hinduism, one of the oldest forms of religion, shares an intrinsic relationship with contemporary American society. Many theologians have acknowledged its influence on American culture since the 1950s when nationwide guru movements emerged. Hinduism’s confluence with Christianity- the largest religion in America - spiritual universalism, and postural yoga, identifies with many Americans (Richardson, 2018). Furthermore, its teachings have advanced ideological principles such as meditation, the pursuit of wealth, divinity of the self and Kama, correlating to American popular culture.
In Arizona, Hinduism is the second-largest religion after Christianity. Interestingly, my experience was, to say the least, very informative and enjoyable. I learned a great deal about its traditions and the cultural relevance of Puja, Japa, and Sanskaras rituals performed during worship. Unlike many other religions, Hinduism outwardly encourages the pursuit of material gain as a dimension of spiritual cognizance with oneself.

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