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Religion & Theology
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Religion And Theology: Transformation Of Sports Into A Religion (Term Paper Sample)


Create your own religion and describe a modern phenomenon that could fill the same needs as traditional religion and even function like a religion


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Transformation of Sports into a Religion
The invention of any sports has arguably been a way of bringing people together, through meeting socially to display physical prowess and skill as they entertain the viewers. Some of the early cultures, like the ancient Greeks, then started incorporating political and religious elements into the games but still held on the recreational aspiration of the games. This has come to inspire the collation of the early systems of sports to the creation of the new ones, which are more of a religion than mere sporting activities. The existence of the sports has now become a cult which is used to fulfill specific and generalized gratification needs. The current system of sport mirrors an externalized and precise value that instills its defined form of evil and good, punishments and rewards, just as much as a whole ground of personalized normative consequences. Arguably, sports defines its situation within the cultural context, which simply implies that it has own meaning. When an individual is involved in the sporting activities, it would require that the individual dedicates his/her time, effort, and energy. The activity expresses the individuality, but as one approaches sportsmanship internally, they become tremendously social in their endeavors. Sports has, therefore, become more than just leisure; it offers an escape route from the daily activities; and is thus more than the socially desirable opportunity, as it once was, for discharging the aggression within the self.
Sports has been made full of a variety of emotions; ranging from care, respect, work, sacrifice, despair, stress, hope, intimacy, devotion, concern, fear, exhilaration, and sacrifice among many other aspects. It is no longer a play; it has become thoughtful and evolution throughout the centuries has developed to become a chore of living. Based on this notions, considering sports as mere games or activities would giving a definition that mirrors little or the reality. Moreover, it is a place with varying emotions, from grief to happiness, marred by defeat and pleasures of happiness. Sports is, therefore, more than the connection with life and instead of a significant facet of a way of life, which brings an individual to the ambiguities of being.
The Connection between Religion and Sports
There is a high likelihood that dedicated to the religious duties, faith, and beliefs will find and regard the linkage as blasphemous. There are many similarities between sports and religion such that the displays shown in sports are seen in religion as well. Indeed, the statement strikes a great deal, but it is not difficult to the ambiguous similarities between the two. Sports is religious in that it is composed of organized disciplines, liturgies, and institutions besides emphasizing religious merits of the soul and heart. Words such as devotion, ritual, love, immortality, and sacred, which are words usually used in describing religious events, are also found in sporting activities. The combination of these wordings, as employed in both religion and sports, are intended to express devotion, commitment, suffering, celebration, pain, and dedication. Moreover, the games have grown to be associated with reinforcing values like hard-work habits, commitment, developing good characters, and perseverance, among many other traits. A closer look at the sporting activities, one would realize that it also has the ritualistic behaviors within a defined environment that visibly expresses strong emotions, thus a social function endorsed by religion.
Mentioning the playgrounds, that is the stadiums, coliseums, and ballparks, in sporting events; they can be compared with the sanctuaries, chapels, and temples, which are used in religion. Arguably, both structures are houses used for worship, with the only difference being the type of believers assembling to rejoice their beliefs. The arenas and stadiums used for sports resemble the temples and cathedrals, both of which are zones which allow their followers to gather and worship for success in whichever course they believe in. Moreover, both are associated with many rituals, always structured and organized. Indeed, it is needless to say that individuals in a ballpark or stadium in any sporting ac

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