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Social Media Activism in the Digital Age. Social Sciences Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


How has social media affected your perceptions of activism?
Do you think a voice amplified by social media is more or less powerful? Why?

This assignment is focused on how social media has changed the behavior of people specifically people who are growing up with social media


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Social Media Activism in the Digital Age
Social media in a widespread campaign, whether be it social, environmental, cultural, or political, should be debated in the sense of its streamlined communications which make it easier to potentially generate a long lasting impact on society. The vast and rapid adoption of digital technologies is changing the patterns through which people communicate, connect, and gain access to information. This assignment explores the impact of social media, particularly on the teens and young adults.
Growing up in the social media age.
Since the advent of social networking technologies the use of digital technologies by the teens and young adults is increasing as the young adults and adolescents use social networking platforms to forge relationships, acquire information from their friends, communicate to their families. Particularly, the motivations which dive the increasing use of social media platforms by teens and young adults correspond to more traditional forms of communication, for instance, to enable self-expression, to make new linkages, and to know other people more. Over the past decade, social media use skyrocketed because of a growing number of teens and young adults who use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and related social networking podia (2). The time consumed on social media platforms generate debates among policymakers, clinicians, and parents about the impression of social media use on teen psychological wellbeing and cognitive development.

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