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Burns and Trauma Health, Medicine, Nursing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


the task required evidence synthesis from course readings NECESSARY for ASSESSING and describing treatment for traumatic burn INJURIES.
the sample is a response to several questions.


Burns and Trauma
Burns and Trauma
The epidermis and the dermis layers of the skin are completely destructed by a full thickness burn, as such, there are no epidermal cells for regeneration.1 The burn is usually painless because nerve cells are dead. Wound bed preparation paradigm is a wound care model that seeks to treat the patient as a whole and is focused on patient centered care. The cause of the condition is given precedence and this is followed by addressing the fundamental components of wound care which include moisture balance, inflammation, and debridement. The importance of wound care paradigms has taken a new dimension given that these frameworks are used as a tool for assessing the quality of care in wound management. There are many guidelines for wound management, however, there are specific evidence-based strategies identified for wound bed preparation. The strategies principally focus on the components of wound care that are applicable in all wound management strategies.

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