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Prepare Proposal Of A Clothing Manufacturing Company (Thesis Proposal Sample)




Manufacturing Planning Project Proposal
We seek to bridge the clothing gap between young people and the formal employment environment through an innovative culture that shall seek to satisfy both employers and young job seekers. Furthermore, the company seeks to produce high-quality clothes. The company's mission statement is to first bridge the unemployment gap by offering young people employment opportunities. Young people are very creative and innovative able to introduce new introduce new products in the market that are highly competitive. The company seeks to give this group of the population an opportunity to be innovative through the introduction of new designs of clothes that the market demands. It is also important to note that majority of the customers who buy more clothes with the latest designs is the young people that is why the company is seeking to nature them and ensure that they not only get the opportunity to use their skills but are also able to achieve their ambitions. Besides, the company will aim to produce high-quality products. One thing that can give any company a competitive advantage especially in today’s highly competitive environment is the production of superior products. The clothing company targets to purposely produce high-quality products that will outdo those of the competitors and control a significant portion of the market.
We seek to be a significant contributor to the successful transition of young people from informal life to formal employment and aiding their preparation to become productive employees and responsible adults. The company also seeks to be a world-class clothing company. The vision of the company is to ensure that the young people who are the majority job seekers are successfully transformed from the informal employees to formal employees. The clothing company will offer them decent employment opportunities whereby they will be assured of a regular monthly income that will enable them to achieve their dreams and better their lives. Moreover, the company seeks to be a world-class clothing company that not only produce and distributes clothes in America but in the rest of the world. After the company has become fully established, it will seek to explore the international market first by making online sales and later establishing manufacturing plants in different countries. The main vision of the company is to be number one international clothing company. Therefore, all efforts shall be directed at ensuring expansion through an increase of sales and reaching out to new markets in different continents such as Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Location Planning Analysis
Our manufacturing plant shall be based in the United States of America, and the raw materials shall be sourced within the country. United States of America is a strategic place for any clothing company because all the materials required for production can be found locally. Given that the company is first targeting the local market establishing it within the country is very strategic. The market demand for latest clothes is also significantly high in the United States. The country also receives many visitors and tourists who supplement the local market. People who come for business trips would want to buy the clothing and go and sale in their countries at a profit. America being one of the world's largest business destination the company will get the opportunity to advertize its products and get customers from different parts of the world. There are also many tourists who visit the country for adventure many of whom would love to shop new clothes before going back to their country (Muthu, 2014). The company's headquarters will be the New York city that is one of the highly populated cities, and that will offer a high demand for new clothes while reducing the transportation costs because most of the clothes produced shall be sold within New York.
Supply Chain
The raw materials needed for the production of clothes shall be sourced and transported to the manufacturing plant for sorting and quality checks. Designers are then provided with the approved raw materials, and then the manufacturing of clothes commences.
The figure below shows the company’s supply chain model

The cube shown in the figure will have 464,500b square meters that is automated with underground monorail links and about ten factories that are within a radius 16 kilometers from the cube. The raw materials must pass through the cube, and the finished products must also pass there before being to the stores. The company need not finance inventory with the available working capital because there will be less inventory within the supply chain. The company will do 50 to 60% of manufacturing in advance making it less affected by changes in the fashion trends. It can capitalize on short-term trends by making smaller bets that can be correctly called (Bliss &Luchtman, 2007).
The company will buy few types of fabrics in large quantities and does the in-house dying, cutting and other related garment designs. The manufacturers of the fabric can effectively make delivery of large quantities of fabric directly to the cube. The company will be purchasing raw fabric locally from the United States with the suppliers expected to deliver them within five days.
The company will have stores in different parts of America. These stores shall be collecting their deliveries twice every week and get inventories just two days after sending their orders. The company puts hangers and price tags on the clothes before transporting them using trucks to the various stores (Bliss &Luchtman, 2007). Therefore, the items are offloaded from the trucks and taken directly to the sales floor. The procedure allows managers to effectively order and receive the kind of products that the customer needs every week.
The company’s stores shall be responding in real-time to the evolving preferences of the customers. The strategy is an important success factor that is difficult to predict in the fashion industry. The company shall be manufacturing based on demand forecast and highly accurate estimates thus saving the company from the cyclical market difficulties caused by failure to meet customer’s expectations. Meeting the customer’s needs ensures that the company only produces what the customer wants and as such ensures constant sales throughout the year.
However, given that the company shall adopt a finely tuned and fast-moving supply chain, there is need for constant attention to ensure there is a smooth running. Planners and managers deployed to the supply chain section shall be monitoring the customers demand while making the necessary adjustments in the operations of manufacturing and supply chain. The company will adopt a supply chain that will be difficult to be copied by the competitors. The supply chain shall comprise of processes, people and technology thus, even if other companies adopt the latest technology it shall not be a competitive advantage to them. Good mental models shall also be applied so that the employees can realize the full potential and the opportunities offered by the supply chain. These effective procedures shall help the people see and be able to capitalize on the competitive advantage that the technology adopted in supply chain offers (Bliss &Luchtman, 2007).
The company shall implement a vertical integration where it manufactures and supplies most of the apparel that the customers' demands. This will be contrary to the traditional big manufacturing companies that majorly outsource the manufacturing services to the contract manufacturers. The company will make it possible to get a new product just from sketch to the store within 4-6 weeks. Design and supply chain agility shall be a core strategy to the supply chain management. It will also have a high product variability as compared to the competitors. The clothing company shall carry upwards of about 11,000 different items every year that in contrast to that of competitors that carry between 2,000 and 4,000. About 15-25 percent of the season's line is going to be designed before the season. About 50% of the products shall be designed and manufactured in the middle of the season depending on the most popular designs and styles. Given that it will have a quick introduction cycle of new products, the company shall take advantage of the fleeting interest of the customers in the new styles and designs. Manufacturing and supply chain shall be designed in such a way that production can be done in small lots with just-in-time capabilities as well as frequent shipment of the produced goods to the various distribution stores. Therefore, wastage is reduced especially of the designs that are normally made and they fail to catch and are eventually sold with large discounts. Being aware of the perils of inventory as one of the factors that bring about wastes, the company shall avoid holding inventory in the fast fashion industry where a product that is in high demand today can be out of favor the following day. Holding inventories usually results from either heavy discounting or the complete waste. The agile manufacturing, as well as the superior supply chain management, shall ensure that the company enjoys low inventory levels across the entire supply chain and it replenishes as frequent as twice a week. For agility, the company shall keep excess capacity. The company shall purpose to ensure that there is excess capacity in manufacturing so that it can take care of the unexpected demand. The strategy concurs with Toyota's strategy whereby excess capacity is retained by allowing some manufacturing plants run just two shifts (Bliss &Luchtman, 2007). It shall have an extra capacity on hand that will enable it to respond to changes...
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