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Strategic Communication and Diversity (Thesis Proposal Sample)


I need an A+ thesis for my Executive MBA final. The topic is Strategic Communication and Diversity. Need to consider following:
1: What strategic communication factors are important for a successful business result in a highly diverse organization 
2: Effective Communication and diversity, what impact does it have on Employee Engagement
3: Implementing a High Impact Diversity Initiative Communication Strategy, where should it start? What approach you would consider most effective? 
4: What role do Strategic Communication and Diversity play in having a successful business results and in moving an organization with high quality employee satisfaction and employee engagement. What are the best practices?


Strategic Communication and Diversity
Strategic Communication Factors Important For a Successful Business
Strategic communication is a purposeful use of communication by a company or organization to explain how to develop better strategies for fulfilling their mission (Hallahan, 2007). Also, strategic communication involves policy making and giving consistent information within a company and an organization and also between organizations. Strategic communication can also know as integrated communication or marketing plays an important role for successful business results. Strategic communication can be said to be simple or direct communication.
Considering strategic communication is aligned with the overall company’s or organization strategy to enhance strategic standing (Sinkula, Baker & Noordewier, 1997). Strategic plans will deliver strategic results. If you organizations are going to fail to realize the importance of having effective strategic communication in building a diverse organization then no business growth.
Strategic communication enhanced in an organization. A development of a long-term plan linked to the company’s overall strategy should be developed (Kaplan, 1996). A bottom-up and top-down communication approach taken for a successful strategic communication process in a company. If a bottom-up communication strategy followed then, it means that the employees will able to provide input to strategic communication through getting feedback surveys, focus groups, and meeting with the response to ideas of the organization growth.
When a top-down communication followed, a senior will share a lay plan with other employees. Engaging all the parties will ensure execution of a diversified strategy in communication.
The principles of strategic communication must be understood to implement strategic communications in a diverse organization. The leader should lead communication process. The factors which affect communication in a diverse organization include:
Credibility, this is a perception of truthfulness and respect. For a diverse organization, there must be truthfulness and respect in communication to enhance understanding. For effective communication, there must be consistency and built on credibility. Credibility is developed strategically from having a perception of accuracy, respect, and truthfulness. For strategic communication to work in a diverse organization, there is the need to have professionals who are trained properly, educated and strict in their work of communication. Credibility may also involve consulting others who have experience in communication matters.
Another factor in strategic communication which will affect a success of a business is understanding. Deep comprehension of behaviors of persons, the social systems, attitudes and identities will affect a success of a business. A diverse organization means that it has people from different cultures, attitudes, behavior and even perspectives in life. Having a clear understanding of the individual will reduce conflict in communication, and that is when strategic communication applied. The concept of moral values is supposed to be understood, and knowing that the concept of moral values are relative to the individuals in the society will enhance and organization growth.
All the subjective impacts should understood in strategic communication in a diverse organization. Building good relationships with the interagency, departments, and relevant population will better the performance of an organization.
The dialogue is another factor of strategic communication in a diverse organization or company. In an organization, leaders are supposed to have a good rapport with other employees. Multi-faceted ideas exchanging will not only promote understanding of the company core values but also build a strong relationship with the diversified employees (Kaplan, 2001).
Another factor is the continuity of the communication. Strategic communication is supposed to be a continuous process of analysis and research, execution, planning and trough assessments. Success always requires a diligent and continuous analysis and assessment and then feedbacks into planning and acting on time. For a strategic communication in a diversified organization, the objectives are fully given support by adopting good plans when the need arises. A good strategic communication process is supposed to operate ideally fast and accurately.
In a diverse organization, strategic communication should be consistent in what called as a unity of effort. It must be a collaborative process that have an integration vertically and horizontally in management by having well-planned tactics. Leaders must coordinate and synchronize capabilities and instruments of strength within the area of responsibility, influence, and areas of interest to achieve desired outcomes.
In developing a successful business in a diverse organization, strategic communication should be focused on achieving specific results. The communication process, themes, targets, and engagements are supposed to be derived from policy and strategic vision. Strategic communication should harmonized with other functions for giving desired results.
Effective communication and diversity
According to (Hallahan & Holtzhausen, 2007) effective communication and diversity are dominant and important activities in an organization. They have a great impact on employee engagement in that effective communication is used to help people and groups to coordinate activities so as to achieve goals, and it is also a vital tool in socialization, decision making, and problem solving and change management process. Effective communication and diversity will provide the employees with important information about their daily engagement with an organization, jobs, environment and relation to one another.
Effective communication and diversity impacts the engagement of the employee in that communication is a tool of motivation, trust building, sharing and creating identity and also effective communication gives individuals a chance to express their emotions, share ambitions and hopes and also celebrations of the accomplishments as an organization. Effective communication and diversity is a basis for people and groups to make sense of their company or organization, of what it is and what it mean.
Engaged employees by effective communication and diversity from the Institute of Employment Studies (IES) study, it is believed in their organization, dedication to work to make things better, are respectful and support full to the their colleagues and they understand the business context. Every employee want to feel wanted in the institution where he work. Want to be treated fairly without the favoritism or preferential treatment to some. When communication is made two way and diversity not a task but a natural plan to include all fairly and respectfully, employee engagement increase in a strategized communication system.
Characteristics of a high impact communication
High impact communication strategy should create message or must develop a clear and concise set of statements about what the strategic plan is and what it can achieve. A good communication is supposed to be kept short and simple. Specific challenges should be addressed. Management commitments should always come first in a well-structured communication system and should be objective. Different communication channels to get the information delivered should be used and clear expectations from the institution member on how they are supposed to be involved must be given clearly. The member are supposed to be given channels for airing their views and questions.
Implementing a High Impact Diversity Initiative Communication Strategy
Diversity normally defined as the way we differ (Loden, 1996) some of the differences are inborn, and we cannot change them. Implementing high impact diversity initiative communication should start from the individuals. In implementing a high diversity initiative communication strategy, most diversity initiatives start from the top where the leader committed. It also known as a high-level strategy development in communication. It completed with vision, mission and goals of the organization. A top-down initiative approach can be noble of more effective. It is considered more effective because of the basic elements included in the process. The process includes leadership development, equal employment, training, and zero tolerance policies. There are also well defined social responsibilities initiatives, recruitment and retention programs, linking diversity to business and also culture change plans. The top-down initiative is based mostly on the program, on the other hand, bottom-up strategies based on process. Top-down is more applicable for higher leadership to visualize and articulate of an inclusive environment within the organization (Jayne, 2004)
Role That Strategic Communication and Diversity Play In Having a Successful Business
Strategic communication and diversity play an important role in having a successful business in a number of ways. For a successful business, strategic communication sho...
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